How Co-working Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

We work like we’ve never worked before. We work harder, longer, and in different ways. And while our parents may have walked 10 miles uphill to work in knee-deep snow at 5 am every morning (insert drastic exaggeration here), there’s no question that this generation has its own hills to climb and getting to where we want to go is not as easy as we had hoped.

When it comes to business, the same is true: we have so many opportunities and options around us that it can be hard to know which is the right one to pursue. Once you have chosen a business idea, however, you need to find somewhere to house it, to let it grow, and to let it be seen by the world. If you are running an online shop, like millions of other people, you might think that setting up your computer at the kitchen table is all you’ll ever need. But if you don’t get that all-important “face time” with actual people, you might be missing out on other opportunities to grow your business. about how co-working can help you grow your business faster and then get yourself a desk at a local hotspot.

Co-working Can Help You Find Leads

The great thing about people is that they know other people! What a concept! Imagine how much easier it would be to grow your business if the people you knew told the people they knew? In today’s digital work, it seems like a foreign concept to tell a business owner to go out and talk to people, but that is precisely what you should be doing. If you struggle to find leads, putting your business in front of people can help. You can even move from one co-working space to another to help you meet new people who might be able to refer you to a qualified lead. DropDesk, a mobile app that helps people like you connect with co-working spaces that are available in your area, lets you scope out and book spaces wherever you are – take your show on the road and give people the pleasure of your company.

Co-working Can Help You Help Others

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is to help others grow theirs. When you pass along a referral, you are more likely to get one in return. But that is hard to do when you haven’t seen the light of day in weeks and you’ve been held up at your kitchen table for months writing blogs for clients. Or perhaps, you’ve been in your basement or garage packing boxes for the monthly subscription service you run. Whatever it is you create in the world, helping others grow their businesses is a great way to not only help the community and put some goodwill out there, it also helps you be known as someone who does things for others. Don’t underestimate the power of helping. And while you shouldn’t help just to get help in return, there’s nothing wrong with accepting some help from someone else, especially if you think you could help them in return.

Co-working Can Help You Save Money

A big benefit of co-working is that you’ll save a great deal of money on renting a dedicated space for your business. You’ll pay only a fraction of what it would cost to get a dedicated office when you sign up for co-working spaces. You can take the money you’d save by co-working and bank it for a rainy day, or, us it to invest in the parts of your business that matter. If you run an online shop or service, where you work is not as important as how you work. Your clients won’t be impressed by a fancy, expensive office, so don’t waste time or energy investing in one until you are in a place where you can afford it and it makes sense. It doesn’t make sense on day one of your operation, and if you run an online operation, it may never make sense. You can rest easy knowing you can help your business grow by banking that money and investing it elsewhere.

Co-working Can Help You Feel Inspired

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are heavily influenced and motived by what other entrepreneurs are doing. If you hide in a dark office by yourself, you might end up quitting before you ever get your business off the ground. When you surround yourself with people who are also trying to make something new in the world, you’ll find inspiration and motivation in places you never knew existed. And heck, you might even find some opportunities to collaborate with other companies that are a good compliment to what you offer.

If you are already renting a space and feeling the pinch of cost, consider letting your lease expire and find yourself a co-working space so you can make the most of your bottom line, your pipeline, and a steady stream of inspiration.

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