How Coffee Affects Your Body

There are not many drinks out there that enable us to stay active and seize the day to the best of our abilities like that of coffee. Even though millions wake themselves to a wonderfully brewed cup of joe, not many are into its taste. But that’s okay because not everyone has to like the same thing.

If you were to take a survey, you’ll find that coffee enthusiast mainly express their love for this magical drink through its exquisite taste and the fact that it allows college students and office workers to work late nights. Though those aren’t the only perks that coffee brings to the human body.

Today, caffeine scientists have produced dozens of studies that reveal several hidden zen-like abilities that come with just a single coffee sip. So let’s head right into the heart of the matter and see what other coffee dorks don’t already know about:

#1. Helps You Live Longer

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that coffee consumption greatly reduces your chances of dying. Over 02,260 individuals between the ages of 50 and 71 years, were asked about their coffee intake. And after following those folk for 12-13 years, the results showed that those who drank coffee had a lower mortality rate than those who didn’t.

#2. Increases Blood Pressure

By sticking to one cup on a regular basis, coffee can help boost reduce your heart rate by boosting your blood pressure. But Gourmet Focus founder Dr. Owen Bain says that a person’s heart rate can accelerate if they drink more than a few cups. It might not be a problem for those who stay healthy, but it could for those with existing problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or abnormal heart rate.

#3. Stimulate Bowel and Bladder

Coffee consists of compounds, which is able to help stimulate the bowel and help increase the rate of digestion – for some, it happens five minutes after drinking. Researchers, however, discovered the same kind of thing with decaffeinated coffee as well, leading them to believe that it is not just caffeine that stimulates bowels.

As far the belief about coffee makes one urinate more frequently than drinking water at the same amount, Dr. Bain terms it as nothing more than a myth.

#4. Aggravates Heartburn

For those who have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), they could exacerbate their symptoms by ingesting caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea. However, the number of evidence brought up to assert this claim is sketchy as Gastroenterology and Hematology reports.

If anything requires our attention more when it comes to limiting our caffeine intake, conventional coffee is the one that we should be concerned about. Regular coffee drinks are said to have far more caffeine than soda and tea.

If you limit your coffee intake, your acid levels could increase to the point of accelerating the digestion of your food. Just be sure to abstain from drinking coffee on an empty stomach as it can irritate your gut lining and cause severe bloating and heartburns.

#5. Sharper Eyesight

It is a known fact that coffee keeps us from feeling drowsy when we’re working long nights, but during 20 minutes of drinking coffee, the caffeine releases adrenaline that activates one’s ‘fight or flight mode’. As such, your eyesight may slightly dilate, which can give you a sharper vision.

According to a Cornell University study, caffeine can prevent blindness from retinal degeneration, which is caused by diabetes, glaucoma, and aging. Raw coffee is only 1% caffeine but is said to contain 7 to 9 percent chromogenic acid (CLA), a powerful antioxidant that fights retinal degeneration in mice.

#6. Too Much Can Fatten You Up

If getting fat is not part of your long-term agenda, then you coffee dorks better take it easy with how much you take in. A study published in the Psychosomatic Medicine reveals that caffeine stimulates cortisol production, which according to experts elevates stress levels, which triggers excess fat storage that ultimately leads to obesity.

Those who use French Presses to brew their javas could be riddled with bad cholesterol. Another study from the Baylor College of Medicine states that ingesting molecules cafestol and kahweol (those found in coffee beans) can increase one’s LDL levels. Fortunately, this can be countered with a paper filter which binds the two molecules during brewing. But if you use a French Press and have high cholesterol, then you must opt for reliable espresso machine reviews by Coffee Dorks.

#7. Coffee Fights Off Heart Disease

According to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health, drinking two 8-ounce cups of coffee can reduce the risk of heart failure by 11%. Unfortunately, this benefit peaks at 16 ounces, after which the positive effects begin to slowly drop.

In another study, those who drink no more than three cups a day were 20% less likely to develop basal cell carcinoma than non-coffee dorks.

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