How Direct Selling Can Help You Land Your Dream Sales Job

Looking to make the jump into the sales industry?

The world of sales can be an extremely lucrative gig. But for those interested in landing a full-time sales role with little to no actual selling experience under their belt, it can be a risky endeavor.

With close to 14 million Americans working in sales and related occupations, it might seem like a fairly low barrier of entry for your dream job. However, just because you work in sales doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be successful and make great money, especially if you lack experience. But don’t fret because you can train in the industry first through opportunities like with direct selling, which can help increase your likelihood of being successful once you land a full-time role.

Read on to learn why direct sales or working in multi-level marketing  (MLM) can be a great starting point for an aspiring salesperson.

Learn Industry Terminology

One of the first things you’ll notice when you work in sales is it can be like learning a whole new language. Seasoned sales reps will throw out all sorts of “industry terminology” when discussing everything from revenue goals to business plans and more.

Don’t want to look like a fish out of water?

Try multi-level marketing; you’ll learn universal sales terms such as “customer benefit,” “prospecting,” “overcoming objections,” and more.

Once you begin learning all the new terminology, your confidence will skyrocket and better yet most of the terminology you use will carry over into any sales role.

Nail Soft Skills

Being able to communicate effectively and think on your feet are two skills employers in every field are looking for in their candidates. Research shows that 44 percent of employers don’t think applicants communicate well enough or possess the interpersonal skills needed to be seriously considered for open roles within their companies.


When you take on a direct selling opportunity, you’ll be forced to learn how to communicate effectively to grow your business. Communication is key in direct selling for building up your audience, being able to concisely spell out the benefits of the services or products your offering, and why you’re the person they should buy from. Not to mention you’ll also want to use communication to build trust with your customer base, just like direct selling company Amway did when pyramid scheme rumors erupted. As a side note, make sure whatever MLM organization you go with has transparency in their communication with you as a seller and business owner — it’s a sign they and their products are legitimate.

How to Work With Anyone

Working in sales can bring out the competitive nature in people — even for those who are supposed to be on the same team. So, before you jump into a whirlpool of sales rankings and numbers, make sure you know how to work well with others. In multi-level marketing, you’ll meet a wide array of people. Everyone from customers wanting you to help them with their specific problems to other business owners hoping to learn more at company conventions — take it all in. Listen to their perspectives, their tips and whatever else they might share because you’ll build up your emotional intelligence and be able to work and sell to others with the least amount of friction and a large amount of specificity. Successful salespeople know people buy from people they know and trust.

Working in the direct selling world is the perfect path to helping you develop and refine your sales skills. You can train while making money and not have to quit your day job. These types of selling organizations can be great resources to help you gain the experience you want outside of a high-pressure, high-stakes environment. Then when you’re ready, you can put all the skills you’ve honed to good use in finding your dream career.

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