How Drivers Benefit From Electronic Logging Devices

What is an Electronic Logging Device? Even though most of you have already got several answers to this question but most of the people aren’t actually aware that what an Electronic Logging Device actually is. Well, if you are one of those people too, then you have landed on the right place. In this article, we will not only tell you what an Electronic Logging Device is but we will also tell you the several distinctive benefits of the device. Keep on reading to find out.

Basically, an Electronic Logging Device is a hardware which is mainly attached to the commercial vehicles in order to detect the driving hours. These hours can be regulated by the set of rules typically termed as HOS (hours of service).

You’ve probably gotten the idea of an Electronic Logging Device, right? If yes, then it is probably time to tell you the advantages of an Electronic Logging Device. Let’s begin.

  1. Safe driving

Truck and bus drivers usually become drowsy which is the main cause of the road accidents. Since the main aim of ELD devices is to help drivers attain a proper routine therefore technically the device helps the drivers reduce the drowsy driving. Other than this, it also reduces the number of fender benders, traffic violation tickets, accidents and damages, and liability claims.

  1. Less inspection time

Another benefit of the Electronic Logging Device is that it reduces the inspection time to a really great extent. On being pulled over, the inspection time can extend to several minutes and sometimes hours as well, before reaching to the conclusions. But with an Electronic Logging Device installed the inspection time reduces a lot.

  1. Reduces burdensome paperwork

The third advantage of the Electronic Logging Device is that reduces the time span of burdensome paperwork to almost 10-15 minutes each day. This mainly happens due to the fact that Electronic Logging Device automates the HOS compliance process. All you need to do is login into ELD and get rolling. Amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Provides safety

Due to heavy traffic and carelessness, there are tons of accidents occurring these days, which turn out to be fatal most of the time as well. ELD devices can reduce such risks through distinctive ways. Since it allows us to report driver behaviors like over speeding, utilization of the vehicle, idling and harsh maneuvers, therefore, an ELD seems to protect the drivers from various accidents as well.

  1. Diagnostics of a vehicle

Another great benefit of an Electronic Logging Device is that it clearly provides diagnostics of a vehicle. Everything ranging from retrospective reporting on odometer, carbon, and fault codes can be determined conveniently. It also allows different companies to set up maintenance plans for the vehicles which in turn helps in preventing serious issues in the vehicles. Isn’t it great?

  1. Fuel efficiency

Fuel gets expensive by the day. The costs are constantly rising which are obviously quite stressing for the majority of the people. Electronic Logging Device (ELD) helps in monitoring the driver’s behaviors, driving habits and idle time which eventually allows them to come up with maintenance plans to reduce the usage of fuel. In short, ELD helps in avoiding the costly downtimes attributable to the unforeseen vehicle issues.

These are a few benefits of an Electronic Logging Device (ELD). In order to prevent severe accidents, driver’s debauched behaviors, idle time and determining the fuel efficiency, it is essential to install an ELD (Electronic Logging Device) in your vehicles. You’ll see the difference and improvements for yourself.

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