How Insurance Companies Can Benefit from Website Analytics

Behind every website, it is a real person. Each website visitor is coming to an insurance website for a specific reason. If they find the appropriate insurance product on a website, they will usually request an insurance quote or contact the insurance company by phone or email. However, many people visit an insurance website and leave quickly as well.

Every action taken before, during and after a visit to your website can be tracked using website analytics. This information is extremely valuable if it is used in the proper way. Below are some of the ways an insurance company can benefit from website analytics. Specialists at Noll Law Office, a law firm that deals with insurance companies every single day, highlight the following really interesting options.

You Understand Your Customers Better

Website analytics systems provide you with information about your potential customers, that is difficult to obtain in any other way. You can view the websites they came from, what devices they used to view your website, what words they used to find your website, what web pages they viewed, how long they stayed on your website and where they are located.

All of this information is invaluable and can be used to make better business decisions and create more targeted online advertising campaigns. For example, if a large number of people from Vancouver who are interested in buying car insurance visit your website every month, you should focus more of your online marketing efforts on this area of the country.

It is Easier to Track Different Types of Conversions

The latest website analytics systems can be integrated with a wide range of e-commerce platforms and online marketing systems. If implemented correctly, you can track all of the most important conversion figures which affect the performance of an insurance company.

These conversion figures include the percentage of online shoppers who look for different types of insurance quotes provided by insurers, the number of visitors who become email subscribers or social media subscribers and the number of people who eventually purchase insurance as a result of your online efforts. Armed with this information, you can begin to develop strategies to increase each of these conversion rates. Certain insurers also appear to segment their website regionally to track users based on their location.

Website Analytics Are Easy to Understand and Access

As mentioned earlier, website analytics systems provide extremely detailed information about every shopper who visits an insurance website. However, the latest analytics systems have extremely powerful reporting features that produce accurate, high-level reports as well.

All of these reports are easy to access so that more than one person can view them for different reasons. For example, a CEO of an insurance company may only wish to view a high-level summary of an online advertising campaign, while a marketing manager may need to look at the finer details of an online campaign.

Website analytics systems record real events that take place on a website. Insurance companies that don’t use website analytics data can fall behind their competitors who are implementing a website analytics strategy. To prevent this from happening, it is a wise move to work with a digital marketer with analytics experience, who can install this type of system and give you advice about this important online facility.

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