How Liposuction Surgery Is Performed

Liposuction surgery is also known as ‘lipo’ by people. It slims, reshapes, contours and removes fat in certain areas of the body, giving it a good shape. While balance, proportion, and contour are elements of human attraction, many individuals want to obtain an ideal body shape. Anyhow, liposuction is an invasive procedure, yet provides highly positive results.

Liposuction or is a surgical procedure performed at specialist clinics such as the Liposuction Institute and proceeds as all the other surgical interventions. Before accepting a person for surgery, he/she should be consulted and medically assessed to make sure that he/she is suitable for the procedure. The surgeon will collect information about the patient’s medical history and perform a full body check-up to see if he has any contraindications. The areas of the body that is planned to be treated and the management plan will be discussed with the patient before planning a date for the surgery. If the patient has any medical conditions, they will be dealt with medications and managed before surgery. If there are any contraindications, the surgeon will notify them and acknowledge you why this intervention cannot be performed.

The patient is asked to be admitted to the hospital as advised by the surgeon. Then he will be assessed once again. During the surgery, pre-medications and anesthesia will be administered first. This is to keep you comfortable, relaxed and pain-free during the intervention. The administration of local or general anesthesia will depend on the location and how extensive the procedure is. Many surgeries are performed under local anesthesia now, but if the surgery involves abdomen or multiple body areas, it is highly likely that your surgeon will choose general anesthesia.

The incisions for liposuction surgery are small and inconspicuous. Diluted local anesthesia is infused around the incision to reduce bleeding and trauma. The excess fat is loosened using a thin hollow tube or cannula. By inserting it through the incision and moving it back and forth, the fat cells are mobilized. The mobilized fat is then removed using a surgical vacuum or syringe and drained using a cannula. The duration of this surgical procedure can vary from one hour to three hours time depending on how many body areas are treated at once.

Once the fat is removed according to the plan, the incisions will be closed, and the patient will be carried to the post-op room. It will take a few days to see the final contour of the body. The patient needs to wait until the swelling completely goes down to see how her body looks after the surgery.

Liposuction surgery is almost as same as the other surgeries performed. It needs great care and attending the follow-ups after the surgery. Liposuction is not just a single process. If you need to maintain the body sculpture the surgeon has created, you will have to follow a strict diet and a workout regimen, so that you will not build up fat in the same treated areas.

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