How Music Therapy Can Help a Man to Release from Stress

It is often said that this world is a men’s world.  Today in most of the leading company you can see men are in top managerial position. It’s also undeniable that in the last three and four-decade women are also improve a lot and they are now also in the senior administrative place in some of the big organization. But still, men are preferred in most of the brainstorming and decision-making job. Apparently in the prominent position man has high power and authority. But there is a famous proverb goes that “Great power comes with great responsibility” and to perform that responsibility today’s world man also have to face a lot of stress. In some point of life, this stress becomes so unbearable in a man’s life that it causes different physical damage and disease in their life. One of the most natural and scientific solution to recover from those stress is music therapy.

Music Therapy and its Historical Background:

In a simple word if we say then music therapy is listening different melodious music that helps to recover from stress. The historical background of music therapy is also a fascinating one. At the beginning period of civilization, music was used to heal the body and soul. It is said that Greek philosopher first uses music as a therapy for stress remover.

Music Therapy in ancient Greek Period 

The journey of modern music therapy began after the Second World War. Their most of the Soldiers who have post-traumatic stress disorder. Music was used as a natural medicine in the hospital to alleviate their stress. In 1998 American music therapy association was established and still now its world most successful organization that is working to recover from stress using their music therapy.

How Music therapy work for man to recover their stress:

Reduced muscle tension:

Due to long day’s work, a lot of muscle tension occurs. Recent research shows that muscle tension is the initial sign of stress for working-age man. Music therapy helps to reduce those muscle tensions.

Decrease anxiety:

Soft and melodious music help to decrease the anxiety level. When men are under extreme pressure in their work life, then adrenaline hormone secretion increase in men body. This hormone increases the blood pressure level and can cause the heart attack. But if a man takes a break in that period and listens some soft musing that will help a lot to decrease anxiety. It is important to note that at that particular time a noise canceling blue tooth headphone could be a handy device. This will help him to concentrate only on his music. In that case, cowin e7 active noise canceling blue tooth headphone could be an ideal choice.

Enhanced interpersonal relationships:

When the level of anxiety decrease then most of the time man become relax and become polite in their behavior that increases their interpersonal relationship with his coworkers.

Successful and safe emotional release:

Music therapy helps man to control their anger and emotion. It’s also very much helpful to show a successful, safe emotional release.

Well, it’s important to note that all we discuss in fundamentally based on passive music therapy. This is listening to music to reduce stress. But active music therapy can equally work to alleviate stress for man. Inactive treatment the patient or the therapist self-composts the music. That’s all for this article, hope this article will provide you a guideline about how music therapy can work for man to remove their stress and anxiety.

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