How the Beauty Industry is Conquering Ecommerce

Before the introduction of the internet and online stores, many beauty products like skin care and cosmetics were only limited in brick and mortar shops so customers can smell, and feel them before buying. Thanks to modern innovation and constant development, beauty enthusiasts can now sell personalized items online without necessarily limiting a customer’s experience. Many of which can range from big-name products to small indie brands to even international products from Asian Beauty Wholesale.

Here are some instances on how the beauty industry has managed to conquered most of the ecommerce market effortlessly:

#1. Creating regular video content

One way that the beauty industry is conquering e-commerce is the increasing number of bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers who are helping their company name establish its brand through video promotions. Many of these generally have a large following where they continuously provide entertaining or informative content to. For certain companies, it is not uncommon to work with beauty YouTubers who make regular content advertising products and then using it on their faces to achieve a certain look.

Additionally, certain sites may also provide online written product reviews on their heavily-followed blog by their audience. Considering that so many consumers now are making an effort to make informed decisions, having a positive review on your product on a popular beauty review site can certainly work in your favor and can even make indie brands compete with big-name ones.

#2. Using social media platforms

Product suggestions via word-of-mouth are considered one of the most powerful ways to get new clients. The reason behind this is because consumers are most likely going to buy a product if their friends and family highly suggested it instead of hearing a salesperson give them a sales pitch. In today’s social media era, users can now document and share their feelings about certain makeup products which can easily be accessed to friends and families, thereby expanding its reputation as a brand.

Another way that social media can benefit a company is the fact that it allows entrepreneurs to connect with their audience in a matter of seconds. Several social media specialists often provide suggestions and answers to inquiries and concerns while also documenting on the latest beauty trends that their intended audience are interested in next. This not only gives online companies an advantage over their competitors but also ensures their longevity as a business.

#3. Create a digital strategy that works for them

In order to succeed in the e-commerce world, several beauty companies are making a point to invest in a digital strategy that works for them. This involves understanding your key audience, your company values, and knowing where your priorities lie when it comes to growth. Considering that there are so many company brands available, entrepreneurs must learn to think outside of the box and learn how to market and sell their products efficiently and creatively.

One example on how beauty companies do this is by creating a functioning website that connects with various channels. Some of its many features include:

  • Investing in a web design that is mobile-friendly;
  • Using web hosting services and high-quality services to create a seamless and fast loading website;
  • Connecting their website and online content to social media networks;
  • Utilizing popular and secure online payment services so clients can ensure safe and effective shopping; and
  • Creating a unique, effective, and reliable customer service experience

#4. Provide a personalized customer experience

Considering that many technological innovations are gradually introduced year after year, it’s no surprise that certain online beauty companies have invested in various technologies to provide a unique and personalized customer shopping experience. Some examples include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – to understand online shopping behavior and using such data to narrow product choices and suggestions for each individual
  • Augmented Reality (A.R.) – are online tools that help provide customers with an in-store experience like “try before you buy” makeup tools or testing cosmetics via image alteration
  • Virtual Reality (V.R.) – are online simulators that require the use of virtual reality glasses or V.R. glasses. These tools allow customers to actually test virtual makeup on themselves thus providing a more intimate and realistic simulation
  • Chatbots – to provide customers product suggestions, answers to inquiries, and online assistance to help improve their online shopping and browsing experience


The beauty industry is considered a gold mine because of its never-ending growth despite heavy saturation of products and brands. If you are a budding entrepreneur who is looking to succeed in the market, you will definitely need to invest in the aforementioned items in order to achieve success.

Steve Max
Steve Maxhttp://www.webzando.com/
A long time digital entrepreneur, Steve has been in digital marketing since 2010 and over the past decade he has built & executed innovative online strategies for leading companies in car insurance, retail shopping, professional sports and the movie & television industry.


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