How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Fraud Movers?

With Christmas & New Year celebrations around the corner, this is the liveliest business time for relocation companies worldwide.

Whether you have received a promotion and moving to the company’s headquarters city or need a bigger home to fit in your growing family, the time has come when you are expected to reach out to a credible house moving company in Adelaide.

While people around might be convincing not to worry, relocation company rip-offs are on the rise – people belongings don’t show up at their new home.

What Do The Market Experts Believe?

In this digitalised world, there are moving companies out there those don’t own their trucks, labourers and even licensed drivers.

Instead, they just subcontract to low-bidding independent companies without disclosing this information to their customers. This leaves people vulnerable to a broad range of fraudster activities.

Tricks on How to Spot & Avoid Frauds by Relocation Companies:-

Don’t Overlook References

Generally, people look for customer feedback given on popular reviews & rating sites which may or may not be genuine.

You can’t rely solely on them when deciding for local home or office relocation services in Adelaide.

You must seek recommendations and references from various trusted sources. These include your best pals, neighbours, relatives, etc. When someone in your known circle is referring packers and movers to you, at least you be assured of their reliability of moving services.

But, never go on face value. Just because your friend has recommended it, doesn’t mean they will be right at your time as well. Dig out more information as to your specific needs for interstate or intrastate moving.

Keep the moving company recommendations in the pipeline and do a thorough investigation before making the final call. Also, work out the delivery time and pricing as both these factors are equally critical.

Do Your Market Research Well

As said earlier, trust the recommendations for movers from your friends & relatives, but what if you come across none?

Well, if that’s the case, then you’ll have to take a charge and commence with the research work over a number of packers and movers operative in your local area.

With thorough research work & adequate screening, you can easily spot & avoid fraudsters moving companies, especially if they are offering unreasonable cheap deals.

Carefully analyse the profile of each mover and read the customer feedback to obtain a fair idea. Get a custom quote from more than one company, look into every minute detail to locate the best in the business.

Once you have narrowed down on two to three relocation companies, compare them via interviewing each one until you read the final decision.

Verify The Documents

It is mandatory to hire only licensed removalist company, irrespective of how you came across the name.

Before inking a contract with a packer and mover company, verify the documents of the moving company, presented by the state or central government.

Also, you must take time to check the terms & conditions with regard to the shifting process. Cross-check the details and then make the decision.

Avoid Phone Call Discussions

It is important not to make the decision of whether to hire a specific moving or not over the phone discussion. Meet the person beforehand, have a face-to-face talk and observe them to reach the final or the best decision.

There are companies out there offering the pre-surveying facility. It would be great if your mover company comes to your place 24 hours before the big day, survey all your goods and belongings and then plan the move.

To Wrap Up

If you have moved recently, then we would love to hear your personal experience hiring a relocation company! Share your comments in the section below:

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