How to Avoid Unsuccessful Technology Press Releases in 3 Ways

With time, content marketing has faced changes that made traditional ads no longer effective. Consumers changed the way they consume news through content.

A study by MDG Advertising found that 70 percent of consumers are eager to learn about new offerings through content than the traditional ads (TV, radio and newspaper). When done right, press releases can trigger consumer behavior.

How Press release helps businesses?

Content marketing campaigns like writing releases can drive traffic to your site, improve conversion rates and boost revenues. They are also more cost-effective than traditional marketing tactics.

New study showed that content marketing is no longer powerful way to drive sales and traffic.

A study conducted by Moz and Buzzsumo that analyzed 1 million articles found that most content is now more ignored by the readers. They revealed that almost all content is not worth sharing or linking and readers are not encouraged to distribute it.

How to be successful in writing press releases?

When creating your content marketing strategy, develop a plan that is objective and flexible. Identify your business goals, set priorities and set up your editorial calendar. Create compelling and relevant content all the time.

Although you spent time in writing releases about your technology business, make infographics or demo videos. If it doesn’t reach your target audience, it will not succeed. Make sure that you’re producing relevant content. You also have to prioritize the distribution.

#1. Amplify earned media.

Earned media is one method that you can incorporate in your PR marketing efforts. Earned media pertains to getting free publicity or mentions from reporters or publications because they think that your content is interesting enough.

Earned media is a powerful way to gain credibility and trust of the consumers. More consumers trust the recommendations of their loved ones when it comes to buying decisions than the traditional marketing techniques.

When creating content, make sure that you are writing a release that are worth to grab media attention. When you received mentions, likes or good reviews, share it. You may also create content about your earned media and link to the article.

#2. Boost your search engine ranking.

The subject of search engine optimization (SEO) is highly controversial in press releases. Since Google’s has changed its algorithm, there’s a question, whether releases can still help improve the SEO ranks of a company.

Despite the controversies, you can still ensure that your releases are optimized for the search engines to improve your SEO ranking. Follow the following steps:

Write a newsworthy and relevant content.

The key to making your content relevant is writing a relevant and newsworthy piece. Make sure that the readers understand what you have to offer and how they can benefit from it.

Write short headlines.

Keep your headlines short and sweet. Do not include jargons, caps lock and buzzwords. Keep in mind that search engines only show 50 to 60 characters, so ensure that the headline can be read and understand easily.

Incorporate multimedia in your content.

Adding visuals in your release can make it more alive and interesting. It gives the readers a reason why they should pay attention to your content.

Aside from that, adding multimedia, such as images and videos help with your SEO. They are optimized by the search engines, so use keywords in writing descriptions of your multimedia assets.

Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) and links.

Do not waste the opportunity to engage your target consumers. Make sure that there is a CTA that will compel them to visit your site and learn more about your business.

Include links in your CTA. Keep the links to up to four only to avoid Google penalty.

Use the right keywords.

When writing your technology release, ensure that you use the keyword that your audiences may use to find your content. Do not stuff it with keywords.

#3. Distribute content in different channels.

One common mistake that marketers make is writing releases, without thinking of its distribution. How will readers know about your announcement if you will not prioritize the distribution?

In order to gain engagement with your audiences, you must ensure that you reach them. Plan the distribution of your content well. You may pitch to target reporters and publications, share it in social media, use a press release distribution service and reach out to influencers or bloggers.

Steve Max
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