How to Be Academically Successful and Have a Private Life

Sometimes we find ourselves spending most of the time concentrating on school work and forget our friends and family. We forget that we have a private life to enjoy. Also, sometimes we may spend a lot of time on private life and pay little attention to our grades.

With the pressure of paying school fees, completing assignments and trying to enjoy school life, sometimes life can be overwhelming. It might seem a difficult task to have everything done without being stressed. For one to be successful there should be a balance between academics and private life. Here are the tips to be successful academically and have a private life:

Follow a schedule

The calendar app on your phone can be of great help. Add the class schedules and deadline dates for assignments. Set aside some time every week to concentrate on homework, gym, and laundry.

Work ahead and avoid procrastination

When you procrastinate, your to-do list will keep growing into a huge amount of work. When the work has piled up, it will be harder to get any motivation to work. Getting ahead on papers, readings and other assignments assist in reducing procrastination.

You can utilize online resources and get people to write paper for you and get online tutoring. These can help you study ahead.

Have enough sleep

We normally hear a lot about the benefits of enough sleep, from improving our moods to having a strong immune system, bet we never implement the advice.

Sometimes we concentrate on our work that large workload and stress can prevent us from getting enough sleep. A quality sleep keeps the stress levels low and you can think clearly and avoid mistakes.

Prioritize your work

Your work should be organized based on when papers, projects, and other assignments are due. Studying and homework can be easy to schedule, but sometimes projects and papers can be forgotten. Check the syllabus on how assignments are weighted. Crucial assignments like exams and papers can make a huge difference. Prioritizing assignments helps in focusing on crucial tasks first and dealing with small assignments later. When you have completed major project helps in feeling balanced and relaxed.

Spare some time for yourself

It can be spending time with family, friends or just being alone. Sparing time for yourself is good for the well-being. When you have finished the important task, find time to treat yourself and relax.

This advice might not take all the stress away, but it will help you in dealing with a busy schedule.

Have the right goals

Setting goals are crucial, but your goals should not make you forget other vital things. Your goals should be both for academic and private life.

To avoid studying the last minute and fail to go to a family dinner, set daily and weekly goals. These can help in avoiding work piling.

Combine studies with private life

Studying with other people can make it easy for you to be connected. Even when you are not studying the same subject, it helps to study with other people as you can assist each other in some problems. This creates a strong bond. After studies, you can go for a walk or a drink.

Don’t be overwhelmed

Being in school involves many opportunities for joining clubs, taking a part-time job and spending time with other people. There are sometimes that you need to say no to some activities if you don’t want to be overwhelmed. If you need to rest, you can cancel going out with friends. You need to be selfish with your time and energy. When you pay attention to how you feel, you will achieve your goals with less effort and you won’t be pressurized.

Some of the activities are less important and it might take away all your energy. When you want to study, you will be exhausted. Study time is always crucial and you need to learn enough during the time. That means that it’s okay to skip some activities.


Combining private life and studies don’t have to be overwhelming. Achieving the balance between the two is crucial. School life might involve a lot of work but with proper management of time, you can achieve a lot.These tips will help you be successful academically and have a private life.

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