How to Become a TEFL Digital Nomad

The allure of being a digital nomad is appealing to most people. The late night calls, coffee shop workstations and the chance to meet creative and interesting people while getting paid seems like a dream come true. But as most TEFL digital nomads will tell you, there is more to it than that. Getting to the level where you make enough money to make your rent every month and have a little left over in the bank, takes a lot of work.

To help you out a little, we have outlined the specific steps to take to build the ultimate digital nomad career path;

  1. Decide to Be Fully In It

The first thing you need to realize is that you cannot make the decision to teach English online on a whim. This is not the same as that domain name you purchased but never used. Teaching online will take commitment in terms of money, energy and time. If you do decide to do it, you will find the experience very rewarding and not a waste of time at all.

  1. Get TEFL Certified

Now that you are certain you want to be a TEFL digital nomad, the first step is to get TEFL certification. If you would rather not sit through endless physical classes, you can get TEFL certification online. In fact, TEFL online courses are a lot cheaper and fit in perfectly with your schedule so you can take classes even on the road or after your full-time job.

Having TEFL certification is also a great way to prepare you to do the job well and it will also improve your job prospects and sometimes even increase your potential earnings.

  1. Start Looking for an Online Teaching Job

Once you have your TEFL certificate, it is time to begin hunting for a job with a reputable online company. The best thing to do in this regard is to try and find employment with an online teaching agency rather than trying to find a freelance position on your own. With an agency, you will have a better chance at finding a wide range of options to choose from, not to mention job hunting tips that can help.

If you plan on being a digital nomad, we recommend that you apply for multiple tefl jobs rather than just one. This will make it easier for you to put together a work week via many avenues and make more money to sustain your lifestyle.

  1. Find Out How Much You’ll Be Paid

Online English teachers get paid according to their qualifications although companies will typically pay online teachers more if they have more teaching experience. Like we mentioned before, having a TEFL certificate on top of your degree will also mean that you can get paid more than the average teacher.

It is also important to determine the particular contractual commitment your employer requires. Most companies will request a year, with the possibility to negotiate the number of hours you work per day, the types of students you want to teach and the rates. Once you know the hourly rate and the number of hours you’ll work per day, you can easily calculate your monthly earnings.

  1. Do a Good Job

You can increase your monthly earnings by actually doing a good job every day. Shows up to work with precise aim of helping your students learn English and resolve to do your best. This will give you great reviews and recommendations which means great opportunities in the near future.

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