How to Boost Your Business with Web Design & Instagram

Instagram has played a vital role in introducing web visitors to a product or a service. In fact, many users registered on Instagram declare that thanks to this web platform they have been able to learn more about a service or a product. Users like to check their Instagram profiles many times in a day and gradually Instagram today is becoming more popular than Twitter.

Market Your Business to the Targeted Audience

Instagram today has an active interface of about 700 million to 1 billion users. There are millions of photos shared by them daily. If you look at most business websites today, you will find that all of them have a display of social media buttons to prove to people that they exist. If you take a look at many business websites online today, you will find that they have been designed in such a way to incorporate social media buttons on their pages. If you check carefully, you will find most of them are riding on the popularity of Instagram. It is here that designers and developers on the Internet are focusing on website design to promote and encourage social media interaction.

The Unity of Web Design and Instagram

The synergy of Instagram and web design is a new concept that most businesses are going in for today. The reasons are obvious. Instagram is a mobile application that can be easily downloaded and used. Its interface is so easy that it just a few minutes for people to understand how it works. Instagram focuses on the visual representation of a business, and this is why it is so popular and widely sought after among its users today. If you are a business owner and wish to reap the benefits of Instagram for your business website, it is prudent for you to incorporate the synergy of Instagram and website design for the task.

Interactive Content for Your Unique Business Needs

Instagram has the unique advantage of presenting its online users with interactive content. You may boost this interactivity with the help of automation tools. The tool helps you to maintain posts on a regular basis.  This means even if you do not have the time to devote time for posting frequent content on Instagram, this automation tool will help you.

Use Hashtag Feeds for Your Business

Instagram can also be integrated into web design when it comes to hashtag feeds. You may combine your Twitter and Instagram feeds on a single page. This helps you to increase Instagram followers as well. The feed is displayed on a single page, and users often get the experience that they are much bigger than what they expect.

Create Pages that Link to Your Instagram Page

If you have an e-commerce website, you can create a page that links your Instagram page to your e-commerce website. You may list all the products that you would like your customers to buy when you are creating this page. When you create such a page, you can convert more leads into sales. This enhances the experience of the user, and the purchase becomes faster.

Convert Picture Tiles into Pages

There is another unique way via which you can make your Instagram page very engaging. You may create tiles of the products that you sell, and when you click on these tiles, you will find that they convert into pages. This means your customer will be happy as well as he or she gets an insight into the products that you offer.

Hire Experienced Web Designers

When you are looking for the integration of web design and Instagram, it is prudent for you always to hire specialists that have years of experience in the field. This will mostly help you to get the competitive edge in the market primarily because they use innovative techniques to make your Instagram page engaging and interactive. When you are choosing a web designer, ensure that you select one that has years of experience in the relevant field so that you face no hassles when it comes to quality and design.

Innovative Way to Market Your Business

Instagram is an innovative way for you to market your business website to the targeted audience available online. You can tap into the tastes and the preferences of over 700 million registered users daily. Be regular with your posts, however, do not post too much content in one day. Distribute your posts with good automation software and ensure that they are relevant to your niche so that you are visible in the search engine ranks. Deploy designers that are experienced in the field of website design and get noticed for your innovation, style and of course a visual representation of your business.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
Irfan Bajwa is an emerging business enthusiast and passionate blogger and writer on a versatile level.


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