How to Build A Brick BBQ Grill and Smoker

Building a brick BBQ grill and smoker is not a tough work to accomplish. It is not rocket science! Anyone with a few construction skills can build a brick BBQ.

If you search online about the process of making one, you will see a huge number of designs to follow. And you can build a brick BBQ smoker following these steps. But in this case, you don’t need to do the tiring search in the internet world because we have already done the research on behalf of you and done practically. A few fundamental tools and materials are needed to build it like other smoke gears.

In this short demonstrative article of building a brick BBQ, we will show you the steps, and if you can follow them, you can make one as well. So, don’t just jump from one step to another. Instead, keep reading the full article without leaving any word to build a brick BBQ smoker easily and successfully.

Let’s first make a short list of tools and materials we will need for this mini construction. Though it is a mini construction, it needs proper care to prepare. Otherwise, all the attempts taken to build the BBQ smoker and grill will go in vain. So, special attention is also needed like other construction to make the entire BBQ smoker successfully.

Possible necessary Tools and Materials

We need some basic tools and materials for building anything we want. Make sure all the materials are in good condition to get a better result for the construction. In the same way, we need some tools like a tape measure, float, stiff brush, straightedge, hoe, level and so on. Similarly, we will need materials too like bricks, cement, mortar, metal barbecue grates, gravel and the like. As we have arranged everything we need, we can shift to the next step of making the smoker.

Pouring the concrete

First, we need to clean the area where we are going to build the BBQ smoker. For this, we have to clear away all the unwanted debris, grass and leaves. Now we will make a net with the rebar on which we will pour the mixture of concrete to make the basement of the construction.

After pouring the concrete walk, the basement is ready to make small walls of the BBQ smoker around.

Let the surface get strength

We have to allow it at least one day and cover it with wet clothes or anything like that to gain strength. Otherwise, there will be seen some cracks after building the full smoker which we do not want to see at all.

First course

Now it is time to put bricks one by one measured by the tape so that they lay aligned. We use premixed mortar to attach one end of the brick to the other end so that we can get a solid construction. We have removed extra mortar where it is not necessary. For the proper alignment, we have used and checked everything with square, plumb, and level to adjust bricks with the measuring tape.

Course two for the next level

In this step, we have to put the remaining bricks only on the outside and rear walls. We need to leave the front one because we have to make gates for adding charcoals or fuel, removing ash, etc. In this course, we need to cut the bricks with the cold chisel or saw to fit them with one another properly. The process will be continuing as long as the construction finishes.

Final course to make the process complete

This final course will continue until the desired height is achieved putting bricks one after another. Some of the bricks will be needed to turn so that we can get different heat intensities for the BBQ ribs or foods. Besides, this will allow serving as the support for the access gates. It offers an extra area of cooking at the top of the BBQ smoker.If you want to make fish in a clean environment without smoke, an air fryer is the best option.

End of the process of making a BBQ smoker

We should not haste until the mortar dries perfectly after the final course has finished. For better strength, we can use wet clothes or pour water on the walls so that the mortar gets full strength. When we see the cement is restored to health, we should use a hard sweep to rub off the remaining mortar on the walls.

Now as we have come to the end of making the construction of the BBQ smoker, it is time to place necessary racks (cooking chamber, burning chamber) to the smoker. Also, we have to complete the accessible gate of the burning chamber with the required materials so that we can access charcoals and woods to produce proper heat and smoke to cook BBQ foods.

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