How to Care for New Sod

Have you been wondering how to keep your new sod luster green?   I too had the same dilemma when my sod lawn was newly installed. I have had my sod for a few years and was able to keep it luster green. Allow me to share with you the proper way of how to take care of your new sod lawn.

Your new sod lawn has been installed with so much care. It is now up to you to take care and maintain in the next couple of weeks to ensure you have a successful sod lawn installation.

A sod lawn is easy and quick to install. In a matter of hours, your property will have an instant lawn. You should bear in mind though that a sod needs more care and maintenance than a traditional lawn.

The shallow roots of the sod need some time to firmly stick to the soil.  The secrets that will allow you to enjoy your new sod include proper fertilizing, watering and mowing.

How to Fertilize Your New Sod

A high level of phosphorous fertilizer should be added to your new sod as they are being installed. It will allow the sod to have a healthy growth. Never use nitrogen fertilizer because these will cause your sod to develop diseases. Succeeding fertilizer schedule should be as follows.

  1. Fertilize and water the new sod thirteen days after it was installed to avoid burning.
  2. During the months of March to October, sprinkle your sod with fertilizer every 50 days.
  3. Follow the same fertilizing pattern during the spring season.


  • Avoid fertilizing your sod during winter as it can cause some stress. If you see any weeds, use only a weed control fertilizer to deal with them.
  • Fertilize only during spring and fall.
  • Use organic fertilizer during the summer season if you really need to fertilizer).
  • Avoid fertilizing the sod during in an extremely hot day.


How to Water Your New Sod

During the first few days after installation, you will need to frequently water your new sod. Here is a watering schedule you can follow:

  • Water the sod immediately after installation.
  • Thoroughly water the sod every day during the first week after installation.
  • On the second week, water your sod, three times a week or every other day.
  • On the third week and henceforth water your sod once a week.


  • Thorough watering means ensuring the sod gets 1 inch or 25 mm of water during each watering schedule.
  • Avoid overwatering your sod required air will be unable to reach the roots.
  • Light watering, even when done frequently, will make your sod develop shallow roots.
  • You can get soaker hoses here that will release water slowly and ensure that water evenly sips through the soil and the sod.

How to Mow Your New Sod

Most homeowners often ask for the right time when to mow new sod. Here is a mowing schedule you can follow for your new sod.

  • On the sixth to tenth day after installation, start moving your sod only if the grass is about 3 inches tall. Otherwise, avoid moving.
  • After the third week, you can mow your new sod as the need arises. By this time the sod should have been firmly rooted to the soil.
  • Mow carefully and avoid the mower’s wheels from touching the roots of the new sod.
  • Make should mover blades are sharp to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Mulch mow at about 3 inches.
  • Your sod will be prone to burning and will evenly die if you cut it too short.
  • Avoid growing your sod too high as it will be prone to be infested by weeds.


I religiously followed these fertilizing, watering and watering schedule outlined above on my sod.  I have successfully maintained the green luster of my sod lawn. Try it out. If you have any experiences or tips on how to care for new sod, share them with us on the comments section.

Stacey Connor
Stacey Connor
Stacey Connor is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on health and lifestyle. She divides her time between travel and lifestyle. She has recently completed her Bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Chicago. You can find her on twitter @iamstaceyconnor.


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