How to Choose Right Mattresses for Sound Sleep

The mattress you are using impact your sleep and sleep determines your health. So, choosing the right mattress is important. There are several factors that one should keep in mind while picking a mattress from the stack.

Not every expensive mattress is good and buying a cheap mattress is just a hit and tries. So, you have to compare features of the various mattresses and then purchase the one for you. If you are a family person, the mattress is property which belongs to all members of the family.

Just to make the mattress selection easier for you, we’ve collected the suggestions of orthopedists and chiropractors. Read them carefully before investing your hard-earn money on anything (mattress).

1- What is your budget?

Throwing money on a non-sense is not at all advisable. First be certain with the range which your pocket allows and then make a thorough search for the mattress lies under your budget. The thumb-rule of buying the mattress does not trust salesman and their tempting offers. If a salesperson is claiming to provide you two mattress of the same quality in the price of one, there is something fishy.

Keep the estimate in your mind; this will prevent you to spend extra money on the fancy accessories which are not so necessary for you. The marketers notoriously play with your mind and try to sell your mattress with unnecessary add-ons, and charge you more for that. So, do not fall into the trap. If you are budget is not allowing you to purchase those extra frames, covers, and warranties, bluntly refuse for the offerings (which are not actually offerings but a way to fetch money).

2- Which mattress suits your back?

Our back has a natural curvature and an unmatched mattress can hurt your back badly. The mattress should provide support to spine but very naturally, so that, it doesn’t lose its elasticity. The vendors try to sell the same mattress with different names. So, one must know that the basic types of mattress are few.

There are mainly four types of mattress:

Open spring or Open Coil Mattress:

The lightest version which very less support. It is best for a guest room or rare use. It includes only one coil with springs attached to it and the border is machine-stitched.


The best choice for the asthma patients as these is the breathable mattress. It won’t heat up in the middle of the night. It is purely made up of latex foam which provides maximum comfort. They are heavy in weight and cannot be turned easily, so if you are looking for a friend option tries this one. The cheap version of latex can hurt your back badly, so choose wisely.

Memory-Foam Mattress:

This is the best choice to provide support to your back. People suffering from the bad back can try this one. But, it molds according to your body posture and absorbs your weight. There are chances that it may overheat during sleep. Also, it includes hypoallergenic traits.

Pocket-spring mattress:

It includes separate springs fabricated in different pockets. This mattress is very comfortable providing the best support for your back. Moreover, spring mattress doesn’t absorb heat or weight, so it lasts longer than other types. One can pick any version namely soft, hard and medium. It’s heavy in weight and not easy to turn.

3- If you’re suffering from a bad back:

Your back needs an adequate support during sleep. The people with back pain and joints pain generally go for a firm mattress, which is right to some extent. But firmness and stiffness are two different traits of a mattress. Stiff mattress can increase your back pain and give you sleepless nights. So, choose the mattress that takes can care of the natural alignment of your back and relieves your pressure points, spine, and joints.

The more you weigh the more firmness required. People should buy bed mattress warmer according to their weight. If you are not sure that a mattress going to caters your need or not, tries it for few days. You can not judge the comfort of the mattress on very first time, it takes time. Most of the companies provide a trial period, which lets you decide whether the mattress suits your body or not, So trial period necessary.

Also, one can consult with the sleep experts to choose right mattress.

4- Your sleep-routine and position matter:

We all prefer different sleeping positions. It is an important factor to focus on while choosing a mattress. The side-sleepers require medium to soft mattress. The mattress should support the body curves of side sleepers, otherwise, it can cause body pain or sprain. The level of firmness should be 3-6/10 for side sleepers

The back sleepers need a firm support to their pressure point while sleeping. But make sure the mattress is not hard but firm. A soft mattress may not provide required support to your curvature and promote bad-back. People who sleep on their back should prefer firmness level of 4-7/10.

Stomach sleepers need uniform support. The mattress surface should be flat for stomach sleepers and hence the maximum firmness is required. The level of firmness should be 5-7/10 for stomach sleepers.


If you are planning to replace your old mattress, do not repeat the mistakes you’ve done while purchasing the previous one. Research properly, take advantage of the trial period and pick best from the heap. The main four aspects namely budget, sleep position, the condition of your back, and mattress type are must to consider. The quality of sleep determined by the quality of your mattress, so never compromise with it.

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