How to Choose the Best Headphones for Gaming

Good headphones have become a necessity in the gaming industry and every avid gamer understands its rich benefits too well. Such headphones are designed to ensure effective communication, less noise interference, clearer sounds and comfort of the user. Some of the most essential features that all gaming headphones should possess include better connectivity, noise cancellation, good speakers and speaker drivers, adjustability, a great microphone and compatibility with the gaming devices.

These are just but a few of the benefits and important features that should come with a dependable pair of gaming headphones. Many first-time gamers often experience challenges when it comes to how to choose the best gaming headphones. However, by keeping the following tips in mind, deciding on the exact gaming headphones to invest in becomes much easier.

#1. Sound Quality

Ever wondered why some gamers would generously splurge thousands of dollars on gaming headphones? Well, supreme sound quality is exactly what drives them. While in the past, Stereo sound technology ruled the world of headsets, Surround 5.1 and Surround 7.1 technologies offer the ultimate sound quality in this century. Sound quality is a combination of the technologies used in designing the speakers of the headphones as described above, and the clarity of the sound, which can be best achieved through noise cancellation. For noise cancellation, you could choose between the open-back headphone design and the closed-back headphone design. Open-back headphones let in ambient sounds from the surrounding, giving the gamer a more natural feel, that may, however, disturb clarity of the sound from 0the headphones. On the other hand, closed-back headphones do not let in external noises, giving the gamer crisp clear sounds of the game.

#2. Connectivity

The biggest question here is whether you want wired headsets, or you want to avoid the messy cables and go for the wireless designs. While wired headphones are connected to gaming devices by cables, wireless ones connect to gaming devices via wireless networks such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wireless headphones give you the convenience of a neat design with no messy cables, while wired headphones give you the reliability of zero interruption of connections by surrounding networks as experienced in some wireless models. If you want a bargain between these two, you could get one with detachable cables that can be disconnected when not in use for easier storage. If you will be communicating with your opponent during gaming, it helps to purchase headphones that come with a built-in microphone.

#3. Compatibility

There is no use spending your hard-earned money on your dream headphones, only to bring them to your gaming station and find out that they cannot connect. Before making your purchase, research on the best gaming headphones that are compatible with your gaming system. First, check the gaming device’s ports meant for connection of speakers and look for headphones with corresponding connecting designs. For instance, if your gaming device offers USB connection to headphones, then you shouldn’t buy headphones with the traditional pin connector. You should also make sure that the sound drivers of both the headphones and the gaming devices are compatible to prevent interruptions in sound transmission during gaming. If shopping online, it helps to ask the seller if the headphones you are looking to buy will work well with your specific gaming equipment’s model.

#4. Comfort

Playing your favorite game, no doubt usually goes for hours on end, and for sure, comfort is a matter of great importance here. Find the right fit, which is not too tight that it hurts your ears, or too loose that you will have to keep adjusting them every now and then. Since you will be wearing them for long durations, make sure that the earpieces are well cushioned with high-quality padding for long-lasting comfort. The most comfortable headphones for gaming are usually over-ear headphones with earcups that entirely contain the ears. The headband should be solid and fixed and its weight should not be too heavy. If you are shopping online, read as many reviews about the headphones as you can. If you are purchasing from an offline store, then it won’t hurt to try the headphones on before paying for them.

#5. Strength and Durability

Gaming may not be as rough as a rugby match may be, but you still need headphones that will last you years or even decades. The materials used should be strong and long-lasting such as strong plastic, PVC, stainless steel and leather among others. Looking at the buyer reviews of the headphones in the market, one thing is constant. The extremely cheap headphone models always seem to be made of flimsy and delicate materials that will not last. On the other hand, the most expensive models feature the strongest and most durable materials. Their designs are also well thought out to ensure supreme comfort and durability.

#6. Budget

Everything about making your dream of owning the best gaming headphones come true revolves around the budget. Depending on how much money you have, you should always look for headphones with the most essential features that will solve your gaming needs. Most of the time, if you have a higher budget, then you will get the highest quality gaming headphones. However, if you choose to stoop too low on budget, you will definitely get headphones with flimsy and weak materials and designs. Even though you may not have enough money to get your dream gaming headphones right away, it is usually a genius idea to save for them. This way, you will not fall for the poor quality models that will leave you disappointed within a very short period. Instead, you will be able to fulfill your dream of having high-quality gaming headphones that will let you enjoy the most awesome gaming experience for longer. One thing to remember before placing your order is to always research about the best headphones for your budget prior to purchasing your gaming headphones.


The best gaming experience can only be achieved by having high-quality graphics and sound. While providing reliable graphics quality is majorly the job of the game developer, the quality of sound is mainly determined by the type of headphones you invest in. Before deciding to invest in a pair of headphones for your gaming station, you need to deliberate upon all your needs, priorities and preferences against your budget. This way, you will be able to choose the best gaming headphones that you can easily afford. This will give you a chance to enjoy every bit of your gaming adventures.

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