How to Choose Your Best Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook started off as a social network service where students could connect with their friends in a virtual world. Nowadays it became a lot more than that – not only it became a world known the social medium, but it also extended its functions. You can meet new people there, sell and buy stuff and even get hired and work! That’s the reason why now it is more important than ever to take care of your Facebook profile. It may seem unimportant, but in reality, our Facebook page has become a sort of a business card – it can help us make a good first impression on an old-time friend, a crush or even a future employer. Before a person visits your profile, there is something that can either encourage them to look further or make them resign – your profile picture.

Tips to Have a Great Profile Picture

Here are some tips to have a great profile picture. It will help you make new friends, get a job or simply feel good about yourself on this social medium.

Face to Face

Not for nothing is this whole thing called “Facebook” and not a “group-picture-book”. People scroll through comments or posts can see only your name and your profile picture. That’s why it is important that your main photo shows your face so that you can be recognized.

Sure, photos with your friends or family are cute, but if you put a group photo as your profile picture, how can a stranger know, which one is you? Leave those photos for your timeline and make your profile picture show you and you only.

A photo showing your whole body is great for your Instagram or to post on your timeline as well, but as a profile picture, it wouldn’t show your face close enough. On a minimized picture you wouldn’t be recognizable. Not to mention all those profile photos showing a dog, a bunch of flowers or a sports car. Is it your profile or not?


You probably heard it a dozen times already, but it’s never said enough: the body language has a huge impact on relationships. And it doesn’t only apply to the way you move or gesticulate in real life. Even on a photo, you can use the open position (standing straight, uncrossed arms, shoulders down etc.) to show that you are an energetic and positive person. If you smile, people would immediately develop positive associations with you and would be more likely to start a conversation. So don’t be afraid and smile!

Framing and Contrast

Even if a photo shows your smiling face, sometimes it’s not enough to be a good profile picture. Remember about right framing so that your face is visible but does not fill up the whole photo. It can’t be too far either! For the best result, try to match the document photo criteria. The best photos make a good impression because of the contrast with the background. If you cannot make a photo on a contrasting ground, try online tools to crop yourself from an existing picture and paste on one of the hundreds of free clipart backgrounds that you can find online.

Show Your Lifestyle

Your profile picture could also tell something about your personality already. Try to choose a photo that shows your passion or a lifestyle – but still in a way that will not hinder recognizing you. For example, if you play a musical instrument, pose with it for your profile picture. This way you can show your Facebook friends and future friends what are you interested in.

The Whole Profile Matters

It’s not only your profile picture that makes the first impression. Once a person visits your profile, they can usually already see the background photo. In this one you can be more free with your choice – it can either show you with your friends or doing what you love, or have an important quote or just be aesthetically pleasing. If you want to make a great impression – try to match your background photo with your profile picture (for example use similar colors or patterns).

Another thing that matters for the first impression of your facebook profile visitors is, of course, the content you put in there… not only your photos but also pages you share, funny videos you want to show to your friends etc. It doesn’t have to be bad of course. Just remember what other people can see and what conclusions they can draw from it.

Final Words

All in all, it’s up to you how you keep your profile. You can either take it easy and let people think what they think or be a little more conscious about what you put on your facebook page. Just don’t forget that even the details matter and that your Facebook profile is a great tool to make a good first impression.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
Irfan Bajwa is an emerging business enthusiast and passionate blogger and writer on a versatile level.


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