How to Deal with Your Child’s Problem on Bullies and Help Focus on Academics

You don’t desire to see your child getting bullied at school. You know how difficult it is for kids to be in this situation, and it could affect their ability to make friends at school. In a way, though, getting bullied teaches your child to be tough. The problem is when your child starts to falter academically due to bullying. You can’t let things continue this way, and you need to act right away.

Inform the school about what’s going on

Some schools are aware of the situation, but they tend to ignore it. They think that pretending the problem doesn’t exist will magically solve it. Therefore, you need to bring it to the attention of the teachers and administrators. Sometimes, without any formal complaint, there will be no immediate action. Tell the teachers about what’s going on and how it affects your child. You might even need their help in determining the bully since your child might be afraid to mention names.

Provide extra help at home

Since school isn’t an ideal learning environment for your child, you need to assist at home. Your child won’t learn at school anymore since there are other issues to deal with. Spend an hour to discuss the lessons of the day. You may also extend help in doing homework. Besides, even if your child isn’t getting bullied, it’s imperative to spend time learning the lessons at school and provide guidance to your child.

Put pressure on the school administration to address the issue of bullying

There are instances when simple conversations with school officials won’t suffice. You need to put pressure to solve the problem or at least have a policy on dealing with bullies. It’s not only for your child but for other kids who also get bullied at school. You need to speak up on behalf of other parents who don’t use their voices. Besides, it’s your only recourse. You can’t talk directly with the bully or settle the differences with the parents as it might only make things more complicated. The only solution is if the school addresses the problem. Without clear guidelines on dealing with bullies, this issue will continue.

Consider pulling your kid out of school

If the problem persists and the school does nothing about it, you might have to look for a different school. It doesn’t mean that the school won’t have any issue regarding bullying, but there might be rules regarding responding to bullies. It could be a more comfortable learning environment for your child.

You can’t expect the school to do everything to help your child. Therefore, you have to assist at home. Consider downloading educational apps like Kidsmart that help with maths and spelling for kids.

By using apps your child continues to learn essential lessons at home while the school isn’t a suitable learning environment. With the help of these apps, your child can deal with specific learning problems, and not get left behind.

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