How to Distinguish Original Juvederm Products from Counterfeit?

The global industry dictates its own rules. In the massive fight for survival, selling counterfeit products is a big chunk of cheese. But while buying fake bag would cost you only irritation and bad mood, ordering and applying counterfeit dermal filler may turn into a serious health problem.

Juvederm is one of the most recognizable brands producing dermal fillers, thus the risk of buying a fake is very high. In a market with so many products available, how to spot a fake and buy original Juvederm?

Quick Tips on How to Buy Authentic Juvederm

If you don’t have a regular and reliable products supplier and buy dermal filler at first, you should be very attentive while making a purchase online. In order to save your time and efforts, we’ve prepared a few tips on how not to fall into the trap of counterfeit.

How Much Does It Cost?

In pursuit of low cost, buyers often lose their vigilance because low prices seem very tempting for them. But in matters of your beauty and health, be especially careful while buying cheap medication. It seems very simple but first, you should do before ordering Juvederm is to consider its cost, that simply cannot be lower than the average market price.

What’s the Reputation of the Store?

Check carefully the company you want to buy Juvederm online from. Is it possible to reach them via the contact form or is there a phone number clients can call? Real manufacturers gladly communicate with customers, don’t hide their location, and usually have tax or VAT identification numbers.

Special Product Identification

Authentic medical products are required to have identification codes, for example, expiration date. If you don’t know how to check the identification code, call a support manager for help.


Pay attention to the pack of Juvederm. Is there an authentic logo, color, font of writing, how is it placed on the pack. The best practice is to study the product in details on the manufacturer’s original website and then compare it to the one you’re going to buy. You can also fill the “our contact form” on the official website of Juvederm manufacturer to ask the support manager for signs of authenticity.

Social Media Account

Does the company have a social media account? Seems not serious at first sight but this is an important sign that the company really exists. Find them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and check whether the account is active and how often they publish new posts. If there is valuable and product-related info, this is one else sign that you may trust this manufacturer. Another important fact is the customers’ commentaries. Check whether there are answers to users and how often the page is commented. Look carefully on clients’ feedbacks and testimonials, if needed, analyze forums or SM communities.

Final Slice

What is the main danger of injecting fake Juvederm filler? In most cases, counterfeit goods are supplied from China. Such production is not checked appropriately and you can’t be sure the substance inside the syringe is original Juvederm. Thus, there’s a high risk of getting not only the injection of poor quality but catch serious infections. It may cause unpredictable reactions of the body like severe allergies and the formation of unaesthetic scars.

Another practice patients suffer from is performing beauty injections at home. Do not trust dubious doctors without a special license. We agree, on the one hand, it’s convenient, saves time and money, on the other hand, the risk is too serious. Choose not only the original product but experienced medical professional who can advise and help to choose the appropriate dermal filler from the trusted supplier.

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