How to Enable That Your Phone is Kept Safe and Secure

As a society, we now use our mobile phones and devices more than ever. Being our primary method of accessing the internet, phones are used during both business and leisure time. This means it is essential that they are protected.

While a big part of our modern lives, an increased use of mobile phones comes with its own risks. Here are some simple things you should be doing to protect your phone and your information, right now.

Virus Protection

If you have a laptop or desktop, then you probably use antivirus software to protect it from viruses and malware. Unfortunately, many of us do not consider doing the same for our phones despite many tech advisors instilling us with the importance of antivirus software while virus protection is currently unavailable for iOS, there are many free providers for android users. Fortunately, there is already inbuilt software in most of our devices that keep us safe from must virus dangers particularly if you download and use apps from the Google store, however, inbuilt into every android is the ability to install from third-party sources this is where the potential for any viruses or bad malware has the opportunity to sneak in and cause a problem for your phone which is why we recommend Lookout mobile security solution.

Screen Security

Basic phone security has been around for a long time, with pin numbers and patterns. But if they are too simple, it makes it easy for to gain access to your phone and information. When choosing passwords, pins, and patterns, think of something complex, and avoid using ‘password,’ ‘1234,’ or a simple straight line. Some phones such as iPhone have their own fingerprint scanner and have recently launched their phone that unlocks your device with camera-based face recognition making it completely unique to the individual that is accessing their phone.

Lock and Logout

You may have a strong password or pattern, but if someone still manages to access your phone, they will be able to get into your data very quickly. To avoid this, always logout of apps and make sure to lock them, too. Furthermore, if your apps do not offer an additional security feature, there are locking apps available that can add this level of security. With Locking apps, you can create a specific pin that can be used to lock down whatever applications you want to secure. With these types of apps, you can lock any app, lock Android installer, lock access to phone, lock incoming and outgoing calls, auto lock on time and WIFI etc

Avoid Public Networks

While they are best to be avoided, you may occasionally have to use a public Wi-Fi network. These can be unsecure, so it is important to take extra security precautions. When using a public network, never enter any sensitive or personal information. Postpone opening that email or entering your card details and placing an order until you can use a private network. Other ways to avoid public Wi-Fi network risks is to use a VPN connection as hackers tend not to bother with the information they have taken from VPN connections. Use an SSL Connection as these will add encryption to your web browsing and files. Turn off sharing as you will unlikely be wanting to share anything so be careful that the share function is disabled. Finally, only turn WIFI on when required and necessary

Use Remote Locaters

If you phone was stolen, would you know how to protect your information? By accessing the Android Device Manager or your iCloud account, you can remotely access your phone. This means that should it fall into the wrong hands, you can wipe it of all information, lock it and prevent anyone from using your phone.

Physical Protection

In addition to features and software that can safeguard your data, you should also consider protecting the outside of your phone. Investing in a quality case, screen protector or Popsocket phone mount could help to prevent dropping or damage, keeping your information safe.

These quick and easy tips can help to protect your phone, both from physical damage and data theft. Use these methods to safeguard your phone today and prevent someone from gaining access.

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