How to Fund a Startup: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Are you thinking about starting your own business? You’re not alone. After all, entrepreneurship is the American Dream. Go out and get it for yourself.

Of course, it’s not that easy. Most people never even make it past the idea stage. Even if you have a million-dollar idea, getting it to market is no guarantee.

The number one factor most new businesses face is securing funding. Consider costs like product development, marketing or even payroll. Getting the necessary finances to pay your costs can end your dream before it begins.

If you haven’t been dissuaded and still want to know how to fund a startup, keep reading. Below are four key things to know for funding a new business.

Go Out-of-Pocket

Fronting your own money is the most straightforward path to funding. The risks are obvious, but the benefits shouldn’t be discounted. The more you can provide yourself, the less you owe.

There are a few places you may find some extra funds you didn’t realize you had. Savings accounts and assets are obvious, but credit cards offer some benefits that you may have not considered.

Depending on the card you hold, you may have built-in insurances that could help cover equipment you purchase. You can potentially earn cash-back as well, helping mitigate high-costs.

Try Crowdfunding

If your business is one that inspires passion, then crowdfunding may be the way to go. A well-made pitch can go viral, bringing great interest, to say nothing of the donations. It also allows you to maintain control while fostering an engaged client-base.

Not all business ideas are suited to crowdfunding, though. Make sure your idea is one that fits this model.

Get a Loan

Having a well laid out business plan will help you if you want to solicit a loan from an investment bank. This can be a tougher route than those mentioned above. It can also open up a much more lucrative loan, too.

The key here is being able to prove the value of your business. Since you’ll be approaching professionals with a history of business investments, be sure to have a rock-solid plan. The better you can present your case, the better your likelihood of being approved for a business loan. Click here for a great place to start.

Pitch to Angel Investors

If you’re still in the early stages and need guidance, consider pitching to an angel investor. These are people with a track record of recognizing and growing talent and opportunities.

The exchange will be a share of your company. As well, you need to be open to the experience and approach they bring. Because of the risk to the investor, they may be very hands-on in protecting their investment.

Final Thoughts on How to Fund a Startup

If step one is the idea and step 3 is profitability, then step 2 is securing the resources to bridge that gap. Use the above tips for ideas on how to fund a startup so that your business will grow.

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