How to get a perfect photography click – for absolute beginners

A perfect photography click is the toughest act to do. In this modern era, everyone who owns a Digital Single-Lense Reflex camera, consider himself/herself a photographer. In fact, many of the so called photographers are unaware of the meaning of the DSLR. How to get a perfect photography click? When this question is raised then most of the time mind automatically calls the DSLR camera for it. There is no ambiguity in that DSLR cameras have given new school of thought to click some awesome photographs.

I must say it’s not the camera who capture the best photo, in fact, it’s the photographer’s mind that force camera to click awesome shot. Perfect photograph not only depend on camera but many other aspects are kept in mind. Sometimes a perfect photography click is taken by an ordinary smartphone camera which beats the image captured by a professional DSLR camera.

There are many aspects to be kept in mind, some of them are discussed below.

Setting Frame Or Canvas

Camera’s duty is to capture whatever is in front of its lens, it’s the photographer who controls the camera and makes a perfect impact in front of camera’s lens. I’m talking about the frame or canvas which has to be set in a way that object will be focused in a proper way.

wrongly framed
Wrongly Framed

Apparently, the picture above is seemed to be good and eye catchy but you can notice there is much extra space above the head. If the object is correctly framed in the centre of the canvas then the image is supposed to be perfect. Moreover, some the background elements should not be there.

correctly framed
Correctly Framed

The image above is a perfect shot in terms of handling the frame. The object is ideally in the centre of the canvas and image is looking better and a perfect photography click

Object aligned on one of the sides
Object aligned on one of the sides – perfect photography click

Sometimes, if the object is front of an awesome natural view or scenery then it is better to make object one of the side of the canvas instead of the centre. Like the image above is totally flawless, the object is vertically middle of the frame and horizontally on the right side to capture the view at the background.

Perspective View

Perspectives is too important

The perspective is too important for perfect photography clicks. Perspective is how do you see the objects from which angle. It matters more than making object centrally framed.

Wrong Perspective Angle
Wrong Perspective Angle

Look at the image above, while capturing the moment, the camera was set at wrong perspective. The image could have been much better if the camera was a bit lower from its current height. It’s just the sense of the photographer how do he sees the object.

Correct perspective
Correct perspective

Correct Density Of Light On Object

Lighting the object affects a lot while capturing wonderful images. In a sunny day, always be aware of the direction of the Sun and sunlight. If the lens is facing sunlight or the source of the light is at the background then the image would be not good, in fact, the image would be darker. See the image below, where sunlight is at the back of the object and object is not noticeable. On the other hand, low light for indoor shots cause a bad shot, led panel light can help in this regards to giving the appropriate light to the object you are focusing.

Source of light at backgroundSource of light at background
Source of light at background
Correct Luminous
Correct Luminous

Less Background Noise

While focusing on the object, need to make it sure that background is not messy or having multiple objects.

Less focused object
Less focused object more background noise
Correctly focused
Correctly focused less background noise

Focus In Macro Shot

The Macro shot is the easiest way to shot these days, many of the cameras are with auto-focus options. You just need to open the lens, set on the object you want to capture and that’s it. The camera automatically sets the focus on the object and output stunning shot. But, still have to keep all the points in mind, discussed above.

Look at the image below, it is a Macro shot with good focus on the object but still, it is not up to the mark.

Macro with wrong perspective and background
Macro with wrong perspective and background

Here is the example of a perfect Macro shot. You believe it or not this shot is clicked by iPhone 5s.

Perfect Macro shot
Perfect Macro shot

This article was just for the absolute beginners to get an idea how things work in photography. A noticeable shot can be captured by an ordinary camera only and only if the photographer knows how to set the angle and proper light direction.

Perfect shot with focus, excellent light, perspective and frame
Perfect shot with focus, excellent light, perspective and frame


I own all the images, I captured these images myself. You can visit my 500px profile to see more of my work.

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