How to Get Free Robux – 100% Working Method

You may be Simply wondering about What is Robux?


Robux is nothing else but the primary currency which is used in the Roblox Game.

It has many other benefits like you can use to upgrade your tools, can be used for customizations and many more.

But, to earn Robux, one need to do really lot of hard work.

If you have ever went low on Robux, you must have surely encountered many sites offering “Free Robux Generating Services”

The bitter truth about these sites are


According to my research, I have founded 3 working ways that may surely help you to create endless Robux for the game that you can use to clear the difficult levels and also can be used to buy tickets.

These methods have been tested several times to checking are they really Ban Proof methods or no.

We have also conducted various tests to find out advantages or Pros for this methods and listed all of them below

Best methods to get Free Robux

Don’t worry

We surely won’t talk about scams


We will provide some real shit working methods that will help you get free Robux

So, here are few working methods that will help you get complete idea to get Free Robux. for your entire game.

#1 Purchasing The Builders Club

Buy one builders hut from official Roblox Store

As, each day you will be awarded with specific amount of Robux Because, you are the all mighty premium member of the club Since, there is no fix amount that will be awarded everyday, but you will surely get some amount.

For first, you need to buy a builder’s club and then followed by the overall process, you need to buy premium membership.

The cost varies as a regular Builder’s club will cost around $5.95 monthly and you will get almost 15 robux per day

TBC membership offers ($11.95 one) offers 35 robux per day

And lastly, the OBC Membership ($19.95 monthly) will provide 60 robux per day.

Inshort, the higher package you tend to buy, the more Robux you will earn daily

#2 Get a price for all your creations

If you have got some cool skills like making cool artifacts or building amazing monuments,

Then you can get some quick and easy cash by simply TRADING em all.

And by you, we mean that one can either hire you for his/her building stuff.

The best place to gather such clients is at the Group Recruiting Plaza.

Well, it was also known as Group Recruitment Center as numerous users used to make it a marketplace in order to sell their artifacts and creations.

Also, if you build a script or cafe for other players, they can pay you upto 3000 ROBUX.

#3 PointsPrizes

During our research,

We also found out some legal stuff that will help you earn ROBUX in a legit way.

PointsPrizes is a platform where many users like you perform different tasks in order to earn a small amount of ROBUX and many other existing stuff.

Tasks may vary from completing a survey to signing newsletters or downloading apps and games.

You can also earn Gift cards for steam, PSN codes, etc. stuff apart from ROBUX.

In order to earn more, you can simply use their referral program to help yourself grow.

You get 10% commission of total earnings of your friend if they sign up using your referral links.

Also, this is a legit way as they are many positive reviews about this site.

You can read their T&C or simply get more details by visiting here- www.pointsprizes.com

Final Words

This was a working method to get Free Robux.

We have shared each and everything we have researched so far and we don’t support any scam or hack kind of stuff as we care for our readers too.

All the methods are scam proof and one of our teammates have tested it personally so it won’t at all get you in danger.

Neither your account will be banned for using these methods.

Do let us know your thoughts regarding this and also if any problem occurred, simply contact us using our contact page.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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