How To Get New Customers with Right Display at a Tradeshow

Tradeshows have been indispensable for smaller and larger companies alike for forever and a day now. From the ancient days of advertising, marketing and exhibitions, marketers have always opted for high visibility spaces, unique displays, and promotional products. Setting up the kiosk is one of the most critical parts of a tradeshow. While the position of the booth determines the flow of traffic to a great extent, other factors will contribute to your success at the trade fair as well.

Let’s explore a few ways you can enhance the prominence of your brand in any setup. Whether it is an all-formal business conference or a casual tradeshow, you should be able to grab the center stage with a few pocket-friendly tricks.

Why should You Begin with Choosing a Digital Display?

We know you are wondering why I have put the display option before the content of the advertisement? Imagine this – you have a fabulous short film on your company’s efforts that one of the most famous editors of Hollywood has created for you. However, you find an old LCD screen from your storage, and you plug your laptop to it to power the advertisement. You don’t even think about placement, and you put it on a table at the back of your kiosk. Do you think people will take notice? Just having great content for the display is never enough. You need to think hard about all possible display placements, sizes, customization options and qualities before you can welcome new visitors and get potential customers.

Today, it is possible for any small or large business to rent large LED screens for their tradeshows. Even startups have options such as pop-up displays, complete digital kiosks and backlit displays for their booths to grab the attention of their target users. Technology can be your friend too. Irrespective of the products you are selling or the services you are offering, your audience must be tech-savvy to a certain degree. Using high-definition LED screens to showcase your content will provide you with a better scope to capture a new audience and secure a new market.

In case you want to give your marketing an extra edge, you can also try outdoor tradeshow displays or digital displays that qualify as out of home advertising. You can control the content of these displays by editing the images and videos. Additionally, you can use them 24×7, 365 days for promoting your products and your brands.

That is how choosing the right display system can influence your brand’s visibility, image, and marketing in every space. In fact, your choice can rely on your budget, since there is at least one digital display option for every budget out there. Thankfully, the new-age tradeshow displays are all high-tech. You can assume complete control of the content remotely. So placing a digital banner or even a weatherproof LED screen outside the arena is possible, while you monitor the kiosk personally. Spreading the word about your brand is so much easier when you have trustworthy display options within your financial reach.

What should You do about the Content?

If you have worked on marketing strategies and brand ads before, you already know that nothing beats a clean advertisement. Whether it is a JPEG file or it is a 2-minute long movie, it should have a clear message. The packaging of this message should always be clutter-free and precise. Creating a cumbersome and complicated advertisement is counteractive.

Few Points You must Remember while Creating your New Display ad:

  1. While designing an ad, be sure to use no more than two fonts.
  2. Maintain a design hierarchy; always make the critical message bolder and more significant.
  3. Your font color choices need to depend on several factors including the tonality of the advertisement and your industry.
  4. Most importantly, choose a font that is legible from afar. Try different font types and check their readability on a screen.

In case you have a long video to edit or several graphics to insert, you might want to consult a professional graphics designer with enough time in hand. Creating the perfect tradeshow display content can take some time and effort. It is not a one-time process. The next conference or exhibition will require you to make a few changes to the existing content, so think of the cost of hiring a professional as an investment rather than an expense.

There are several digital displays, digital banners, and tradeshow signage that can change the way your brand influences the target users. The success of any marketing strategy depends on the ROI and with an investment as smart as this one; you will always end up a winner.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
Irfan Bajwa is an emerging business enthusiast and passionate blogger and writer on a versatile level.


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