How to Hack Facebook & WhatsApp Conversations on Android Phone

The Android phone users are in millions these days. Everyone wants to have an android cell phone in their hands, because of its user-friendly nature compare to other mobile phone operating systems. A user such as adults, teens, preteens and even the young kids are android lovers and they use plenty of social messaging apps on phones such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine and many others alike. They do conversations in the shape of text messages, chats and voice conversations on these online media platforms by using the android phones. Today, we are discussing how a user can hack the Facebook and WhatsApp conversations on any Android cell phone gadget.

Why hack Facebook & WhatsApp conversations

Young kids and teens and even the adults are very fond of social media apps such Facebook and WhatsApp since these are invented. So, people who use these platforms perform plenty of activities such as audio and videos conversations, Voice conversations and even do text conversation on both of these platforms. They don’t have to pay a single penny for such a long conversations in the form of text messages and call conversations whether audio or video.

Young kids and teens often become addicted to these online media platforms for such activities and spend their most of the time on their Android cell phones. Finally, they may encounter with the cyber bullies, stalkers, pedophilia and sexual predators.

Therefore, parents have to keep an eye on their conversations on Facebook and WhatsApp when they are using the Android mobile phones. Parents can protect their kids and teens making conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp from all the online predators.

That’s the reason behind hacking these two mighty social media platforms. On other hand employees also uses these two social messaging apps on their company’s owned android devices within the working hours and waste their precious time rather than focusing on their assigned task.

Now the question has risen, how a person whether parents and employers can hack Facebook and Whatsapp conversations to keep an eye on kids and employees respectively.

Hack Facebook & WhatsApp conversations on Android phone

If you are looking forward to hacking or track the Facebook and WhatsApp, then you should use TheOneSpy Android monitoring software in order to get your hands on all types of conversations occurs on your target Android phone. It enables the user to hack the conversations on the target phone, but the Android device needs to be rooted.

Once users successfully root the android phone and install the cell phone surveillance app on the target Android phone. Then it will empower you to get the job done easily by using the IM’s social media of the cell phone spy program. The user will be able to view the text messages conversations logs and as well as the VOIP calls on the target phone along with the complete time schedule. The user can also hack the conversations of Facebook and WhatsApp by using Spy 360 of the mobile phone surveillance software.

Its spy 360 live surround listening enable a user to listen to the running conversation the Facebook messenger through android phone. The user can also view audio and video conversation at the same time with the help of spy 360 live camera streaming. The spy 360 of TOS is the perfect tool to monitor the conversations on android cell phone gadget. It actually connects a user to the target Android phone device camera and MIC at the same time and user will be able to view and listen to the audio and video conversations happen on WhatsApp and Facebook messengers.

On another hand, Whatsapp VOIP conversation can be tracked by using the WhatsApp voice spy. Before, a user is going to monitor the voice calls and short voice messages text conversation emojis, stickers, multimedia files such as photos and videos and music files.


Now user can hack and track the Facebook & WhatsApp conversations on the Android phone by using the cell phone tracking software. It could be very helpful for the parent to prevent kids and teens from stalkers and cyberbullies and for employers to get know about the employee’s time-wasting activities on company’s owned Android gadgets.

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