How to Handle Moving Boxes After Moving

Once you have reached your new house, the first thing that comes in your mind is unpacking so that you can move forward one step ahead towards settling down at the new place. However, many of us underestimate the task of unpacking but to everyone’s disappointment, this task is as crucial and as time-consuming as packing. It requires more mental as well as physical strength as you need to make sure that you do the right things in the first go rather than doing it time and again. Therefore, it is really important to roll up your sleeves and start opening up the pile of boxes without prolonging the same to avoid any sort of post-relocation depression.

Interestingly, the first problem that you will encounter after initiating the process of unpacking will be the dilemma of handling the packing material especially cardboard boxes. Those excess cardboard boxes will make another pile that in no ways going to sort your work as it will create more mess and clutter around you leaving no space to settle down things.

On an average 20 to 30 cardboard boxes are used while packing household items, thus it is really important to take care of these boxes after unpacking especially before the mess around you gets out of hand.

Now the question is what to do with these boxes, whether to recycle the same, throw them or store them for future use? This dilemma is nerve-wracking and thus we have come up with various options that can help you to put these cardboard boxes in the right use.

  • Keep these storage boxes: One of the best options is to keep these cardboard boxes for future use as you never know when you may need to shift again, and then at that point of time these boxes can prove to be the savior for you. If you are concerned about the space, then don’t worry as you can always flatten these boxes and can easily store them without any hassle. To ensure that these boxes stay intact store them in a dry place as moisture can let them loose their strength and then these boxes may not be able to hold your belongings safely. Make sure that boxes that you intend to store are in a good and sturdy condition. Also, you can use these boxes to store the items which you don’t need immediately, however, don’t forget to label the boxes else you may not be able to find what you want.In case you don’t want to use these boxes again for packing, your kids can use the same to prepare some projects because of its versatile
    nature or you can use the same to cover the floor or walls during renovation.
  • Sell these boxes to make some money: If you don’t want to keep these boxes, then instead of throwing them you can always sell these boxes and can earn few extra bucks that you can always put in some use at your new home. You can sell these cardboard boxes to someone who needs them or you can sell them at certain designated places for the same. Also, be prepared that you may need to invest some of your valuable time to indulge in the selling of these boxes. There are various online websites also wherein you can sell these cardboard boxes at the right price. However, don’t even think to sell these cardboard boxes to any of your friend or relative as it is certainly not a good idea to ask for money from such close people.
  • Give away: Selling requires a lot of efforts and time, thus rather than getting indulged into selling you can always give away the same to any of your friends and family who are planning to move to some another place. Not only it will make your friends happy but it will also help you to get rid of the unwanted boxes at earliest, after all why to throw away perfectly sturdy boxes when they can be reused by someone who needs them. In case none of your friends or family are in need, then you can always give away the same in charity. There are various charities and NGOs in every city and town which may need such boxes, if you intend to do it then you can always contact any of these places.
  • Recycle: Not all boxes remain in the same condition, most of these boxes get damaged while packing or unpacking thus the best way to use them is to recycle. Cardboard is one of those materials which can easily be recycled, thus it is one of the best and nature-friendly option.
  • Moving companies: You can always ask the best local movers if they have any special discounts in case you intend to return these boxes to get them recycled. If they do, then they may provide you unpacking services as well. Also, if you avail these services from them in the package they will take these cardboard boxes with them.
  • Recycling bins: At many places, there are special recycling bins placed for the convenience of people who intend to throw such material that can be recycled. You may not get anything in return but by using these bins you can be assured of one thing that you need not roam around places to look for recycling options, all you need to do is to throw all the cardboard boxes in this bin and the respective companies or authorities will pick the stuff in order to recycle them.
  • Recycling centers: Another way to discard these cardboard boxes is to send them to recycling centers. If you have plenty of cardboard boxes then this is the best way to discard these items, it may take some time but undoubtedly this is the best option.

We hope that with this article we have been able to provide you apt solution to your problem of handling cardboard moving boxes post-relocation.

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