How to Hire an Event Organizer?

If you are planning to have a grand event, you might have many things going on in your mind – entertainment, caterers, decoration, costs, stage, etc.

Organizing an event by yourself can be challenging and time-consuming. Sometimes, people hire event designers and decorators, but an event organizer is different. They are responsible for the overall production of the event.

Many consider hiring an event organizer for hosting an event on their behalf, which takes off a lot of their stress.

But hiring the right event organizer is essential. You must consider various factors and screen them thoroughly to know if an organizer will be able to fulfill your event requirements.

Here is a rundown of various steps and essentials to consider before you hire an event organizer.

Determine the objective of the event and know the reasons you need an event planner

Before you hire an event organizer, you must know the reason why you are holding the event, and then you can create a budget.

An event planner will first ask you about the goals of the event, and you should be able to describe it.

Have answers to questions related to ‘when, where, what, why and how’ to give a picture of your event.

If there is any change in minor things, it can be done over the course. However, the basic information needs to be given to the event planner.

Once you know the goals, you will have the message and theme of the event.

Using which you can determine the services and activities you want to be organized at the event. The event organizer will go through these and give you a quote on the budget. The budget will span over food recommendations, beverage options, entertainment, speakers, decoration, etc.

Find Event Organizer using Local Sources

Several websites like StarOfService let you post your requirements, and service providers bid for your business.

For informal events, such are engagement ceremonies and wedding receptions you can ask your friends and family for a reference.

Have thorough discussions and interviews with the possible applicants

You might come across many event organizers who are interested in providing you their services.

At first, do not share every detail about the event with them, check their expertise by interviewing and know their experience.

You can ask about the past events they have organized, their business information, their plan in case of an emergency, etc. Narrow down the number of candidates to two or three before making the final decision.

The best event organizers will try to learn more about your event’s timeline, budget, objectives, number of guests, and personal preferences.

They will also want to know about your organization and goal of the event. Having face-to-face meetings is essential to get an idea of the organizer’s experience and expertise.

Making the selection

Making the right final decision is crucial. At this stage, you might need to look into their past work closely.

Look into the history of the event organizer. Ask for names of clients who they have worked for before.

You have to look for a candidate who has a good understanding of the event and wide experience in the field.

Ask the organizer to present a plan for the upcoming event. In this step, you have to be sure if the event organizer in your mind has the vision that matches your intentions. Sometimes, event organizers you hired could hire a third party to organize your event. You should not accept this.

Compare the budget

Based on the objectives of your event, the candidates should be able to give a rough cost estimate for the event. When the candidates give you the quote, you have to know what it includes. Do not make assumptions about something included in the package, ask them in detail and know if everything you expect is covered in the budget.

Make sure the candidate discloses all the costs on different parts of the event. Event organizers will ask for deposits and signing paperwork regarding the venue and services. Before doing this, take legal advice if necessary to make the final decision.

Constantly interact with the organizer and be prepared to fire if necessary

Lack of follow-through is what spoils many events.

You have to constantly be in touch with the event organizer to know how the work is going on.

You have to ensure that the event organizer is fully committed and is accountable to fulfilling the objectives and goals of the event. Keep an eye on logistics to confirm their quality.

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