How To Login And Use Hotmail Account

Hotmail is a free email service; it has gain popularity with its suitable functionalities which is now the major center of attraction for a fast successful communication. Hotmail has proven to be prominent through the history of internet and e-communication with lots of testimonies and feedbacks.

Microsoft claimed the ownership of Hotmail in 1997 with a sum of $400 million and later on, Hotmail was launched under the brand name; “MSN Hotmail” in the year 2007. Recently, Hotmail is trending to become the world’s biggest web mail service with millions of users and so many features that include the suitable accessibility through different 36 languages, Hotmail also has a 5 GB storage space, instant messaging, easy access to your files through the inbox using any device of your choice; smart phones, PC’s etc, and much more features.

With all these great advantages with convenience for your optimum satisfaction, we want to take you through the best and easy way to create, login and then enjoy the usage of your Hotmail account.

How to Create and Login to a Hotmail Account

Follow the steps accordingly for easy understanding.

Step: 1

Take hold of your device make sure you have an active data on it then tap on the browser you desire to use, go to the Hotmail website, you will see an option to either sign in or sign up with your Windows Live address and a Hotmail address alternatively. Since you are about to create an account for the first time, you will need to tap on the Sign Up icon or you can use Sign In Hotmail for login.

Step: 2

You will be required to fill out all the required information on the sign-up page. At this point, you will have to make a choice to settle for the email address you desire to use. This procedure will be followed up by some personal entering and security information.

Step: 3

Now, simply enter your personal information and do not worry as it is secure. The only issue you might have is when another person sees the information you are filling in. Not that this is personal! The easier part comes with options to fill in your; Name, gender, and birthday. Note: this information doesn’t necessarily have to be factual.

Moreover, you might choose to use false information, ensure to write it down somewhere that only you can access and remember.

Creating your account name involve entering a unique name in the Microsoft account name field, and then select it with @hotmail.com.

Creating your password involve using about 8 or characters, must be case sensitive i.e. the combination of Upper, lower case characters with Numbers inclusive. A strong password must contain 16 characters with the right combination of characters and numbers.

Step: 4

You will be required to fill in your contact (phone, alternate email optional) information as the alternative to retrieving your lost password. You can also select a security question in which your answer must be containing 5 characters.

Step: 5

Enter your country name and then you will be asked to enter some Captcha images/codes or Audio request. Note: this is to prevent threat and making sure is not a robot that is opening an account.

Step: 6

Microsoft has some terms and condition in which you have to agree to before your account creation can be completed. Read the terms of service and privacy policy documents in the two blue links then click on “I Agree”.

Step: 7

You are now signed up to your Hotmail account and you can always choose to log In and Out whenever you like by filling in your personal information which includes your email address and password.

Now using your Hotmail is very easy, enter your email address on the website you choose to subscribe on to get messages and update from them. By confirming this through your inbox, you get free messages from the website automatically until you choose to unsubscribe.

You can get instant messages and drop messages as well to your friends by sending emails to their email address. Eventually, you can now enjoy the service of transferring files, audio, video, and images depending on the file size bandwidth for fast delivery. Hotmail has its usage with commutability and storage space of 5 GB for you to manage your account.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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