How To Lose Fat Around Your Face In 1 Week

Your face is the most important part of your body and approximately almost 100% of people look at their faces from the mirror on a daily basis. Just like the body, the face varies in size and shape and this range from being oblong, round, square to diamond. Since the face is always the first point of reference when describing a person’s looks, it becomes the most sensitive part and caring for it is hence prioritized.

There are a lot of face problems which include acne, wrinkles, eczema etc but our focus will be on fats around your face. The face has several adipose tissues making it a suitable storage site for fats since the function of the tissues to store excess body fats. If the fat levels go uncontrolled then it can disrupt the original shape and size of the face and this changes ones looks hence interfering with a person’s self-confidence. But worry no more since the experts from www.wellmassive.com have authenticated the best five steps to eliminate fat naturally around your face in 1 week.

Exercise And Facial Massage

This is the most convenient, simple and inexpensive step in one’s effort to eliminating excess fat around the face. It focuses on both facial exercises such as cheek puff, balloon blowing, chewing bubble gum and lip exercises and overall body cardiovascular exercises such as rope skipping, cycling, jogging or walking.

Overall body works out help in burning a larger percentage of the body calories, therefore, increasing body muscle mass. Body muscle is extremely effective in burning of calories since it demands for more energy even at rest as compared to body fat. Therefore, one is required to increase the training period to not less than 245 minutes in a week and also include a strength training to your work out routine.

In addition to the overall body work out, facial massage is also effective since it increases facial oxygen and blood flow which help in tightening of skin to keep the face slimmer. Cheek puff is one of the important facial exercises which involves taking a deep breath then holding the air in both cheeks followed by pushing of the air to the sides severally.

Diet Change

This always requires a lot of discipline but the results are so effective.

  • Eating meals with low amount of calories such as lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables are recommended since it will result to the body using up the stored fat in the face.
  • Drinking a lot of water and mostly cold water enhances the burning of extra calories in the body. Water also keeps the body hydrated making the face to appear more slender with time therefore 8 cups of water a day is recommended to lose excess face fat.
  • Alcohol and salty meals such as junk foods should be strictly avoided since they dehydrate the body hence resulting to bloating of the face.

Face Steaming

This ensures that your face sweats and hence prevent excess fat storage in your face. It involves the following simple procedure;

  • Boil clean water in a bowl and then allow it time to cool slightly.
  • This is followed by dipping of a clean towel in the hot water and then squeeze to eliminate excess hot water.
  • The steaming towel is then placed on the face gently.

This procedure can be repeated to about five times in one hour daily to help toning the face and do away with chubby cheeks.

Sleeping Behavior

This is the simplest method in eliminating excess face fat.

  • Avoid sleeping immediately after a meal so as to prevent the build-up of fat in the face. One is required to stay awake 2-3 hours after each meal as this will allow the body more time to complete digestion and avoid bloating.
  • One should also avoid sleeping in the afternoon since your body is always active at daytime and this is the best time to burn extra fat in the face.

Avoid Smoking and Stress

Smoking and stress are among the top contributors of face fat since they weaken muscles and ligaments that assist in holding together the fat pockets on the face leading to random relocation of fats to other face regions hence face appears more chubby.


With the above-mentioned steps, it is good to keep in mind that success is a process and discipline is a key factor in achieving good results. Good luck!

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