How to Maintain Your Weight After You Have Successfully Completed the GM Diet Plan

Have you successfully tried the GM diet plan? So, you know how to lose weight fast in 7 days! Well, if you know, congratulations to you! It is no mean feat to pursue a diet as difficult as this and come up trumps. The fact that you suddenly have to drastically cut down your protein intake and carb intake can seem a little intimidating at first. So once you have completed your diet, what now? Have you reached your goal weight? What if you put back the weight again?

Now that’s downright scary, right? So we give you some tips to maintain the weight you have lost so much hard work and doggedness, it is not easy to maintain the lost weight since as soon as you are off the hook the first thing what you do is binge, we have punished ourselves, now it is time to reward ourselves, and how do we reward ourselves? Of course! No points for guessing the obvious, with food! How you eat after the diet gets over is as important as the diet itself. Here is how you can maintain the weight.

  • Strenuous Exercise– Since you were not able to exercise well while following the GM diet, it times you started and with a vengeance! Hit the gym, go for a jog, play a sport, do Tabata, cross-training, you have to choose what suits you best and stick to it.
  • Drink Water-While you were following the GM Diet plan you were used to drinking a lot of water, just don’t give up on that on the 8th day. Drink more water, especially before your meals, it helps to curb your hunger. It especially works when you are ravenously hungry, drink a glass of water, understand your hunger, sometimes you are not as hungry as you think, but you capitulate to hunger as food is the first thing in your mind when your stomach growls in protest.
  • Keep the Ratio of Plate Right– Just because you are done with your diet, does not mean, that you can gorge on carbs. Carbs are still not your best buddies, especially refined carbs. Have more complex carbs, brown rice, millets, oats, fruits, veggies and so on. Fill your plate with mainly with veggies, have a large chunk of meat, fish or eggs and have a portion of good fats, like nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and clarified butter and so on. So it should be like50% from carbohydrates, 20% from protein and 30% from fat.
  • Eat Less after Sundown– This is what most fitness enthusiasts follow diligently, they eat less in the evening, to aid digestion so that when you hit the sack your food has digested and there is no chance of fat accumulating on all the wrong places.
  • Sugar is Still not Your Best Friend– Okay, now the bad news, you still cannot have too much of sugar, especially the refined stuff, if you are craving for sugar, have the unprocessed stuff, like raw honey, stevia, molasses, but only in moderation.
  • Sleep Right– How to lose weight fast in seven days? The answer to the question will certainly be hit the sack and sleep at least for eight to nine hours to get your body into the fat burning mode. Your cortisol level will go down, and your body will get more rest and consequently will be able to burn more fat. Adequate sleep forms the crux of your weight loss program. Sleep your way to a slimmer you and you will soon reach your weight loss goal. Try it for the next seven days and feel the difference.
  • Eat the Right Kinds of Fat– It is time you stopped fearing fats, especially the right kinds of fats like nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee or clarified butter! Sounds strange but it is true, fats are the new superfoods, and you have to include it in your diet to enjoy its multitude of benefits. It is not only great for your skin, your hair, and your health but tremendously good for weight loss as well. Now you know why your mom insisted that you have a dollop of ghee with your rice and chapattis. Good fats raise your satiety levels to an all-time high and it stops you from craving unhealthy foods.
  • Eat Fresh and Unprocessed Food– Eating local and fresh is the way to go. Avoid the processed unhealthy stuff you find in the stores. Cook your own food and ensure that the ingredients are fresh and unprocessed. Eating real food should be your fitness mantra, not the fake ones which look good but has little or no nutrients.
  • Stop Obsessing Over Weight– Stop thinking about weight, as we think more and more about weight, we get stressed, and it acts as a major hurdle in our weight loss journey. Indulge in some sort of me-time, you are doing your best; just don’t kill yourself in an effort to lose weight. Enjoy the process, haven’t you heard the adage sometimes the journey matters more than the destination. You can also do yoga to de-stress and to feel a deep sense of calm from within.

These are some basic points to follow if you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight. Making simple lifestyle changes can help you not only to shed the excess weight but also help you to stay fit and healthy. Practice meditation too and the art of distancing yourself from the chaos and confusion surrounding you, so you will be less stressed and when you are less stressed you will produce less cortisol, the stress hormone that hinders your weight loss efforts. Yes, weight loss is such a multi-faceted thing. Both your mind and body are intrinsically linked and you have to utilize both to enable weight loss.  A positive bent of mind can take you places, so stay positive, stay active and eat a little less than you can and you will reach the pinnacle of your health.

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