How To Make Sure You Go Places At Work

People are often told that they should only do a job that they love. They are encouraged to leave dull and boring jobs or not to accept positions that don’t fill them with joy and happiness. This is not great advice. The reality is that in the same way it is not the responsibility of another person to make you happy, so too it is not the responsibility of your job to provide you with happiness. There is a contract between you and employers – you work, and they pay you. There is nothing there about them making you happy or you have to enjoy the work. The responsibility for happiness comes from you and here are some ideas and ways for you to get more out of your job and to really start enjoying it.

Keep learning

No matter how awkward your work environment might be, it always feels better if you are going forward. And while your job might be dead-end with no prospects of promotion or advancement, that is something that you can control if you look to improve your qualifications or the skills that you have to offer. Enrol for a course that you can do in the evenings or online. Try looking for something that plays to the strengths that you already have, and which sits well adjacent to the type of work that you do. Something like a diploma project management is a great example of a qualification that transcends many industries, and which would be well received by many employers – current or future.

Get involved

Many people who don’t enjoy their work or their environment are people who have made the fatal mistake of sitting on the sidelines instead of getting involved. It is always more fun when you are involved and, unless you are watching professional sport or top-class theatre or music productions, it is also never as good when you are only watching. So, ask yourself if you are really committed and involved or if you are taking the easy option of commenting from the sidelines. And if you find that you are falling into the latter category then make the change – it will be worth it.

See the bigger picture

Your job isn’t the thing that defines you. What it is though is the thing that pays your bills and helps you to be all that you want to be. In short in funds your lifestyle and allows you to be whatever you want away from the office. Recognise this, and don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because the job that you are in is not the one that you want to be in, makes it a bad place to be. Having a job is nearly always a good thing.

Do your best

People who feel that their job is beneath them often tend to deliver inferior work. This is never a good thing and it will almost always lead to you coming home grumpy, jaded and sad. Make sure that no matter what it is that you are employed to do, that you always do the job to the best of your ability. It will make the world of difference to your enjoyment of the position.

Steve Max
Steve Maxhttp://www.webzando.com/
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