How to Make Your Animal Ready to Meet a New Family Member

Max Polyakov and his wife Amelia lived with fifteen different animals before they had children. When Amelia had her first child the lifestyle of the family changed. One of their dogs named Eos turned out to be unprepared for living with a child. They had to give the dog to another family.

Preparing a Pet for a Child

Max Polyakov realized that they should have prepared Eos for this change. He recommends starting with general training to let a pet develop some basic interaction skills. It also helps the pets like Max’s Eos to overcome some obedience issues. Another advice is to start changes before the baby is born. Create a safe place for the animal where it will not be disturbed. Train a pet to get used to being touched in such areas as mouth and inside the ears.

Implanting New Rules

Prepare the animal to the new feeding schedule and restrictions. Max Polyakov suggests spending less time with a pet during pregnancy and learning it to get less attention. Invite other kids to get a pet acquainted with children and their unpredictable behavior. Get rid of the pet’s dangerous habits like jumping and nibbling. Visit a veterinarian to check pet’s health and do the necessary vaccinations. Let the pet like Max Polyakov’s Eos smell a crib, diapers, and other baby items to get used to them.

What If Nothing Works

Max Polyakov warns that for some pets like his Eos preparation might not work as it is expected. In this case, you may need some help from a professional trainer. An expert can create a special program to help pets like Eos adjust to the kids. Max Polyakov recommends finding a trainer through parenting associations or the websites for the dog-owners. A trainer that suits your pet perfectly can make your animal baby’s best friend.

Get Your Home Ready for a Kid

Making your home ready for the kids is also important. Take care of blind or curtain cords. There should be safety devices in all the rooms. Setting up the safety covers for the outlet plugs is a must. If there are stairs, think of installing the safety gates. Find a safe storage place for all the poisonous chemical products. A kid should not be able to reach it. Max Polyakov also adds that floor rugs and thick curtains could become noise insulators. Thus, the sensitive animals like Eos will adjust better to the child’s cries.

Max Polyakov reassures that after following these recommendations your pet will be ready to meet the new member of the family. He adds that it is important to start the preparation earlier if you have a pet like their Eos.


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