How to Make Your Home Safe for Elderly Relatives

If you have older relatives who regularly come to your home then you will want to take steps to make the house as safe and as accessible as possible for them. Even if mobility is not an issue right now, it could be in the near future and you will not want them to feel unsafe in your home.

Here are a few effective ways to make your home safe and more accessible for any older relatives without remodeling or having to spend a fortune:


Stairs are often the area of the house that an elderly person struggles with the most and this is understandable. You can make it easier for them by making sure that there are sturdy bannisters that will give them something to grip onto as they ascend/descend the stairs. Additionally, you should keep the stairs free from clutter and provide assistance if they need it.

Even, Non-Slip Flooring

Any uneven flooring or slippery surfaces can create problems for someone with mobility issues. Therefore, you should try to make all flooring as even as possible by getting rid of rugs and having non-slip flooring. You may also need to repave and reconstruct any surfaces which are not totally flat.

Bathroom Improvements

The bathroom is another area that can be dangerous for seniors. You can make it a room that is easier and safer to use by having a walk-in shower, slip-prevention flooring and grab rails next to the toilet and bathtub.


There are a handful of different accessories that you could purchase which can make getting around the house much easier and safer and allow those with mobility issues to carry out typical daily tasks with confidence. As an example, places like Mobility Solutions have high-quality, non-slip slippers which can make it much easier for someone with a mobility issue to walk around the home (many elderly people struggle to walk without any shoes on). There is also a wide range of kitchen accessories which could help them to make and prepare food with ease.

You will want any elderly relatives to feel safe and confident when they visit your home but there are many areas of the house which can be difficult for someone with mobility issues to manage. The above should help you to make your home safe and accessible for elder relatives so that they can continue to enjoy coming to your home and spending time with you.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
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