How to Manage and Secure Your Kids Online and Mobile Activities

Nowadays mobile devices have turn out to be one of the most important ways of communication. That is why parents are letting their children bring mobile devices so that they will be able to ensure their safety and contact them to check whether their kids are okay. Likewise, kids also used their mobile device to inform their parents when an emergency happened or want to talk about school or other activities. On the other hand, still, children are not harmless are worst they become one of the victims of cyber crimes, such as cyberbullying, sexting, and identity theft, because some of them are not yet aware of these online issues. In fact, these issues can affect your child’s studies and worst their personal behavior.

How to Stop your Children from Getting Blackmailed or Bullied

Today a lot of children are knowledgeable about the internet. They do several online activities and browse different websites. And that is the main reason why asking your kid’s whereabouts and checking your kid’s online activities is very important.

On the other hand, you can now easily check their online actions using Kidgy. Kidgy is a Parental Control app that can be installed on your mobile device. This app allows you to read your kid’s conversations with other people and check their call history.


How to Know the Exact location of your kids

Actually, Kidgy Parental Control app offers several features, one of this is Kidgy panic button app. This app allows you to know the exact location of your child since you will receive a message containing exact whereabouts of your child. And it is one of the best ways to make sure that your child is free from danger. And at the same time, you can also ensure that they are not harassed, blackmailed, or bullied in some way.


Using this application, you can protect your kids without interfering them. Moreover, you can get the app at http://kidgy.com/panic-button.

Furthermore, if you recognized that your child is getting disconcerted every time he or she makes a phone call, you don’t have to confront them. Just what has mentioned above you can view your child’s messages and call logs, it means you will identify who is the caller without asking your child.


As a parent, it is important to become attentive and alert all the time, especially when it comes to child’s safety now that a lot of things are being digitized. On the other hand, that world has changed so rapidly and probably you are too busy learning about everything, And sometimes, you may possibly interfere your kid’s personal stuff and making them trapped and disturbed. But, the Kidgy Parental Control app will allow you to do everything without revealing your real identity in order to know everything and secure your child’s safety. Most importantly, you are ready to handle unexpected and difficult situations. Even though you don’t enough knowledge about technology or mobile devise you can still secure your child’s safety because Kidgy has a user-friendly interface and very easy to use.

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