How To Merge Clips Using Videoproc

The basic of all edits are combining clips. Various clips gotten from phones, drones, DSLR and camcorders have to be merged to produce great work. There are several programs that could be used to merge multiple slices of video clips, but for an efficient and easy to use the editor, we strongly recommend videoproc.

Here are some of the reasons why we vouch for videoproc.

You can merge as many videos as you wish together without having to re-encode. It also allows you to trim and join videos into one while removing all the unwanted parts.

Videoproc also supports the use of any format and resolution such as 8k, 4k UHD, 1080p, 720p, MKV, MOV, MP4, AVI and HEVC. It also allows multiple video/subtitle/audio tracks to be imputed into single MKV file. Video processing is 47x faster through the use of level-3 hardware Acceleration.

Again, Videoproc possesses the ability to edit joined clips and make your footage sharp for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook purpose.

Using Videoproc to merge videos are available through 3 major options:

First one is to merge separate videos into one directly. There are several videos that you could want to join into one clip and for better viewing experience such as tutorials, training, short video clips from iPhone and Android, different TV shows and freely download movies online, converted movie chapters or DVDs and so on. Videoproc can easily merge the resolution and audio setting of the videos. All you have to do is, Open videoproc and click the video interface on it, this will direct you to the video screen, then click on + sign, then select all the videos you want to merge or you can drag the video files and drop them on the screen.

After then, choose an output format from the target format section. If your output settings (codec formats) are the same with the source file, it will combine your videos into one without re-encoding. Then select the merge option on the right side of the window. Finally, click on the RUN button at the bottom right corner of the video screen to enable the smooth merger of the video clips.

 2nd option is trimming and merging necessary video clips.

Videoproc is also very efficient in the cutting off of unwanted parts of a clip, then merge the needed parts into one single clip for an enhanced viewing experience. Follow these steps:

(1) Click open videoproc, select the video icon and + icon, then select the videos you wish to merge.

(2) select an output format on the target format menu.

(3) Touch the toolbox icon at the base of the video screen, press the options icon next to video information to gain access to the clips cutting, and then use the slide bar to change the starting time and ending time of the clip, successfully trimming out the unnecessary parts. Then click on the resolution button on the right side of the merge video interface. Then choose the resolution for output from the Dropbox. Click on the Done button to save the setting.

(4) Activate the merge button from the toolbox list, then click the RUN button to start trimming and merging clips without transitions

The Third option is combining multiple video/Audio/subtitle tracks into one MKV file.

The “MKV Multi-Track” feature which videoproc boasts of, enables users to combine multiple videos, audios and subtitle track into one MKV container. Below are steps to follow

(1) Click open the videoproc, click video icon, drag and drop videos you want to join together to the video screen

(2) Click the + icon at the bottom of the screen to open the output video profile window go to common videos profile>general video, scroll down and select MKV video from the list, then click the add button on the format window to add the changes and close the window.

(3) Go to the merge box and select the “MKV Multi-Track” option to activate the feature.

(4) Choose the RUN button to commence the merger of multiple video/audio/subtitle track into a single MKV file.

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