How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test

Learning how to pass a marijuana drug test can be a bit tricky. The thing to notice about it is that it will take a bit of time to get rid of marijuana in your system. If you used it one time, it will take around a week to remove it from your system. If you use it 2-4 times per month it takes up to 11-18 days to remove, 2-4 times per week will take 23-35 days, 5-6 times per week will take up to 48 days and if you are a daily marijuana user this will take around 49 to 63 days.

Basically, you can pass drug test for weed but it will take quite a long time and you need to be fully prepared for a long time of not using any marijuana. On top of that, you will also have to focus on medical assistance and everything else you can in order to achieve the best possible results and experience.

 Passing the saliva drug test

There are 2 methods here. The last-minute detox or cleansing is great for people that work against the clock here. Bubblegum and mouthwash products can help you a lot and they will leave your saliva sample clean for 6 hours after using them. Or you can do a natural cleansing, this means you need to exercise and hydrate often, you also need to stay away from fat and junk food, eat products that have lots of vitamins as that will be very helpful.

Urine drug tests

You can use synthetic urine, this works great if you want to pass the test fast. You want to have a hot sample because cold samples will be suspicious and you want to avoid that. Again, a natural detox process will help with urine drug tests, here you need to consume lots of water and you also need to make sure that you exercise and have a healthy diet. Alternatively, you also have a last-minute approach in the form of using niacin pills or specialized detox programs. Using the Certo method helps too, this is a fast cleansing method without many side effects.

Blood drug test

If you will have a blood drug test, things are a bit more complex. Marijuana will stay quite a bit of time in your blood. As a result, you have 2 options, you either go with the Certo method listed above or last-minute detox products that flush away toxins from your body. It totally works and you can adapt and adjust this to suit your needs in no time.

It’s safe to say that passing a marijuana drug test is never easy. But it will work amazingly well if you know the best approach and system that suits your needs. Avoid rushing, take your time and you will be very happy with the way everything works. It’s a good idea to start the cleansing process early on unless the product you are using has an effect for just a few hours, during which you have to take the test!

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