How To Promote A Local Sports Club Online

It’s important these days with any local organisation to be able to get your message out and promoted online as with a small sport club you’ll want to attract new member and keep your existing members up to date with what’s going on with fixtures, training and events. This quick guide will go through what you need to do to get the best exposure online.

Social Media Presence

It’s key to be on social media these days and I bet we have all heard this a hundred times before although what’s maybe not known as much is that the way you should use each platform differs as Facebook has an older demographic and Instagram is very visual, perfect for images and videos and Twitter is very instant making it perfect for announcements and updates.

Get A Website & Post Blogs

A website is a must as it’s your online information board and for a sports club there is so much info you want to be available such as class times and contact information, I find it best to find a local designer so that you can get face to face time and they will know the local area and scene, this is why I used this Ipswitch based web design agency. A blog is also a great tool, firstly to keep members up to date about dates and events but also it can showcase what you do for potential new members, such as this martial arts blog post which is great and informative. Blog posting can be very beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as well getting your website and therefore your club visible on Google and other search providers.

Promote Events On Activity Sites

It’s a great idea to have your classes and events listed on sites that specialise in listing what’s on. Many people use sites such as meetup.com to find new social events and clubs and it’s a good way to catch people new to the area or just looking for a change or new activity. You can use these sites to promote free trials or offers for new members to draw in as many participants as possible.

Be Sure To Get Good Online Reviews

Online reviews are key to promoting your organisation through the internet in two key ways. The first and most obvious one is that anyone checking you out online can see what your current and past members think of the club and what exactly they have been getting out of it (this also gives you the opportunity to see where you might need to improve as well). The second way positive reviews help is again with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) this is especially true of Google reviews and if they are from genuine customers and not a review factory they will help you become more prominent in the Google listings, so make sure you are encouraging real and current members to put up genuine reviews.

Keep In Touch With Your Existing & Prospective Members

Once you’ve got a good uptake of membership remember to keep in touch, use your email list and ensure everyone knows what’s going on and that they know of events etc to keep a vibrant and busy club.

Steve Max
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