How to Set Up a Successful Conversion Rate Optimization Campaign in 3 Easy Steps

Conversion rate optimization has been around for ages and yet many people aren’t very familiar with it. When you build a landing page or a website your first try is not going to convert very much. Once you get data on how your visitors interact with the page and actually create some A/B tests then you will be able to create another version that will perhaps be even more successful. Marketers and conversion rate optimization consults know very well that without optimizing the conversion rate you won’t be able to get to an optimal result.

So many businesses try several marketing channels in quick succession only to give up on their first try. They fail because they don’t invest in conversion rate optimization (CRO). In this post, we are going to teach you the three vital steps of a successful conversion rate optimization campaign.

1. Have a good hypothesis

The foundation of your experiment should be a good hypothesis or an educated guess around what you are testing. To set up a good hypothesis we recommend to google case studies and look at what marketers have done.

Clearly, isolate the variable that you are testing and don’t test a bunch of elements all at once. Go with one main change and test that. If you test too many things at once you won’t know which element contributed the most to the result. Which means you won’t know what to optimize for the next test.

2. Analyze the results

Make sure that you analyze the results, don’t just rely on an increase in your conversions on the site. Check that your results are statistically significant. Write down what happened and what you learned. And really give a test its proper time. You can use a statistical significance calculator online to check if the results are significant. Sometimes if they aren’t you should let your test run for another week or two (depending on your site traffic)

3. Set up another test

After you analyze the results it’s important to set up another test. This is because there are always more things to test and optimize and the more you do so the more successful you will be. It’s true that conversions change based on the season or on the quality of the traffic, but the more optimized your landing page or site is the better chance you have to convert whatever traffic comes your way.


Conversion rate optimization tests are not that hard to set up but you have to know the proper steps to follow. You should always start with a solid hypothesis – with a good idea of what you are testing and why, and what you expect the result to be. Next, you should analyze the results. And finally, you should always set up another test. If you have any questions about this process you could always hire a conversion rate optimization consultant to help you set things up. The more you test the more successful you will be. Happy testing!

John Morris
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