How to Take Care of Your Custom Print T-Shirt?

Buying your dreamed custom print t-shirt, you probably want it to survive for as many years as possible. Unfortunately, it happens that after the 20th wash, the t-shirt loses its properties, becomes faded or damaged. However, it doesn’t mean that you bought a t-shirt of poor quality.

In the wardrobe of each person, some clothes require special treatment. Otherwise, they can shrink, their decorative applications can fall off, and the colors can become dull and faded. Custom print t-shirts are undoubtedly such clothes. Thus, it is worth knowing the most important principles of their protection. The more you care for your t-shirt, the longer it will last, and the print won’t lose its visual value. In this article, you will learn how to take care of your custom print t-shirt to extend its life as much as possible.

Which Type of Print Should You Choose?

Presently, there are different kinds of custom t-shirts available on the market. If you want to enjoy your stylish t-shirt for a long time, you should be aware of what type of printing was applied to it. However, regardless of the printing technique, you should also follow the general rules of washing custom made clothes. Below you can familiarise yourself with a few examples of printing methods and how to behave while taking care of each of them.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is one of the latest and most celebrated t-shirt printing methods. It guarantees high-quality, unique print. If your t-shirt was made in a digital printing method, you should wash it by hand without using any aggressive powders and bleaching agents.


T-shirts made in a sublimation process perfectly hold their drawings and range of colors. Thus, you can put your t-shirt in the washing machine without risking any significant damages.

Heat Press Printing

It is not recommended to use mechanical washing if your t-shirt was made in a heat press printing method.

How to Take Care of Printed T-Shirts?

T-shirt with custom print is worth washing by hand. However, modern washing machines are equipped with special programs for delicate fabrics. You must remember, though, that your t-shirt should be turned back-to-front, regardless of whether you decide to use the washing machine or the strength of your muscles. Thanks to this simple operation, you will significantly extend the life of the print.

Proper Temperature

While washing your t-shirt, you should also take care of the right temperature of water, which can’t exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Too hot water can damage the print on your favorite t-shirt.

How to Dry and Iron Your Custom Print T-Shirt?

To prevent the print from cracking, your custom t-shirt should be adequately dried. In this case, you should let your print t-shirt dry naturally. Yet, don’t expose it on the sun. There is a danger that under the influence of heat it will change its shape and color, and the print will crumble or wrinkle. You should also be careful with temperature when ironing. Once again, turn your t-shirt back-to-front and not exceed 150 degrees Celsius.

  • Do not activate the automatic drying mode in the washing machine
  • Do not throw the shirt over the laundry line
  • The air temperature during drying should not exceed 40 degrees
  • If the shirt is still wet, do not dry it with a hairdryer

Read the Manufacturer’s Directions

Usually, the essential information about the T-shirt care can be found on a tag attached to the material. Thus, you should always read it very carefully. Symbols present on a tag are not difficult to interpret. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, you will be sure that the print won’t crack, and the color won’t break in just a few weeks of use. However, if you have already cut off the tag, it is worth using the abovementioned tips. Of course, the durability of printing depends on the quality of dyes and the technique used. However, most of the t-shirts require similar treatment.


Do you want to make your own custom t-shirt and enjoy it for a long time? As you can see, taking proper care of it isn’t such a difficult task. Using abovementioned advice on custom print t-shirt care, you will enjoy luxurious and attractive clothing for many years.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
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