How to Troubleshoot the Most Common Computer Issues

When your business technology doesn’t function properly, everything can grind to a halt. Here are tips for troubleshooting the most common computer issues.

While updates to hardware constantly being released, most people think their problems can be solved by shelling out money for a new computer. However, most of the computer issues that we face on a day to day basis are software-based. By managing the software on your computer, you could save yourself a few headaches.

Here are four common issues and how to deal with them.

#1. Machine Running Slowly?

Sometimes you’ll go to start working on your computer or laptop and it’ll seem like it’s working slower than normal. It’s almost like you can hear the invisible gears of your device grinding.

If your machine is running slowly, check out what other tasks it’s trying to take care of. Look at your operating system’s activity monitor to see what else is going on with your operating system.

Some programs can get snagged on a bug and end up in an infinite loop, using computer resources while doing nothing at all.

If restarting won’t help either, do some research to learn more about what could be going wrong with your system.

#2. Downloads Taking Forever?

If your downloads seem to be taking forever, you could have a problem with your connection. Ask what kind of connection other people on your network are getting. If possible, reset your router.

Connect and disconnect your computer as well as it’s wifi connection.

Run a speed test to see what kind of connection you’re getting. If you’re paying for 100 Mb/s and only getting around 3 or 4, you can call your ISP and make sure they do something about that.

#3. Unknown Errors on Your Favorite Website?

If you’re trying to use your favorite website or watch videos on YouTube, you might hit a snag where the viewer isn’t loading properly. This could be because one of your plug-ins hasn’t been updated. Usually, you get a notification when those things need to be updated but you could have missed it.

Go into your browser’s “plug-ins” setting and update everything.

If you haven’t updated your browser in a while, this could be part of the reason for your troubles. Update your browser to the latest version. This will give you the necessary security protections as well as what you need to look at your favorite sites.

#4. Programs Won’t Open?

When programs won’t open, they might not be compatible with your latest operating system. If you struggle to open programs that you were using just recently, there could be updates in the way that are keeping it from opening.

Start by restarting your computer. If that doesn’t help, run a search on a search engine to see if other people are having problems. Contact the software company to see if they can offer insight.

Computer Issues Aren’t As Hard As They Seem

Fixing computer issues could seem like a roadblock requiring professionals to step in. While this is sometimes the case, often you can fix these problems on your own.

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