Importance of Article Submission in SEO

This topic aims to clarify the importance and need of article submission in making your website stand out in the crowd. If you wisely use the article submission in content marketing, you can have a good amount of traffic from search engines. So, stick in here and read the entire article, do not rush around, and give the full attention.

If one has completed the entire website and has adored the blog with on-page optimization, then it is time to go ahead with off page optimization.

There are numerous ways of marketing your content on the internet, and I should say, Article submission will be among the top methods.

I must say, Article submission is the way which can lead your SEO campaign in the right direction and can hit the nail right on the head if one could use it smartly. Anybody with good knowledge and skill of content marketing can use this tool one of the best SEO device in leading great amount of traffic to their business blog or service website.

The main purpose and aim should be targeting the services pages in placement the keywords in a proper way.

How Should Be The Article?

I must say, you would be good at your niche, and could provide top services in your regions. But, what is the benefit of having all these skills when you are not visible for search engines and users are not reaching you over the web?

A good SEO optimized article is a need if you want to get traffic from that.

We can say, an SEO optimized article, which provides values for the users, as well as search engines. Proper Keyword stuffing is the essential part of writing a Google article for article submission.

Otherwise, you will dig into a deep hole of the web, where you could not be able to find your web or your content. The content should be unique, it should be written nicely with good and unique pieces of advice related to your niche.

I always focus on one thing; the article should be written for the users, having a thing in mind, there are some human beings which are reading the article.

Just repeating some keyword phrases over the article, again and again, might give you some ranking for some days. But, at the end of the day, you would be out of the picture.

One more thing, over a blog, there are common people who visit to read. They are not scholars mostly, always use common and easy words to convey your message, otherwise, with a reading of some lines, users could not be able to read and will go back.

What Are The Benefits Of Article Submission?

I must say, article submission and article marketing is one of the great ways to educate your readers. You can convey your message by just posting some lines on your blogs.

Plus if you are running an offline and online business, an article can elaborate the purpose of your business; the meaning of your business can let you know your customers about your services.

You know the age in which we are living is going to be full of an online business. The day will come when people start buying groceries online, without of having visits to the online stores.

You can get almost all desires by article submission, you can get traffic, rankings and most important good and do-follow backlinks if you could post your content in the same niche.

When you submit an article to an article directory, the website which got great exposure over the web, you would get massive traffic from that website.

Your purpose of submitting the article to web directories should be educating your readers, or adding values in reader’s lives. If you talk about backlink, you will get it anyway, if you provide good content or bad. But, if you could provide great content, the content which really solving their problems or providing great solutions, the reader would necessarily click on the links which you had indulged in that article.

Though there is article submitter software, and people are using this software to find the related website directories to submit articles. You can manually check these directories, there is the list of these directories, hope you will find over the web.

Do not make the same mistake which most of the article submission SEO gurus do, do not post a spun content over there.

You can select a topic which requires 300-500 words to cover it and then submits it. Who says, the article should be 3000 words but spun. You can use some premium quality text rewriter tool to get articles quickly. But remember, you must pass content from plagiarism. Also, check grammar and spell mistakes before you make your article Live.

If you want to get better conversion rate and want to increase your traffic, then I must say, article submission is the quickest and easiest way. This is one of the most powerful tools, and people have been using this, since years.

Must remember

  • Do not put more than 3 links to your same blog in one article, otherwise, Google might put Spam penalty on your website.
  • If possible, if this is recommended by the article directory, put the links in the article body as most of the article directories; want the submitter to submit the links to the blogs separately.
  • If you try to post the same article in more than one article directory, it will be called plagiarized content, do not do this.
  • Article submission is a good roadmap for those who want to build great reputation over web
  • If you are a content writer and can create good attractive content, this medium can provide you more customers.
Miles G. Larkin
Miles G. Larkin
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