Importance of Stage Truss for Live Concerts

What makes a concert enjoyable? It’s not only the artist or band performing on stage. It’s not just about the fans shouting and singing along to every tune. It’s not just about the wide stage or the sound quality of the speakers. It is also about how the lights flicker on and off, up and down, and side to side. All these elements make up an unforgettable concert experience. But surely, a concert wouldn’t be vibrant without the various colored lights swaying together to the beat of the artists’ songs. Do you ever wonder how these lights are being installed or maintained to satisfy the audiences’ concert expectations? If you’ve never heard of a stage truss before, then it’s about time you get acquainted with one. Here are some of the facts that you should know about the stage truss.


A stage truss allows lighting engineers to hang LED or automated/intelligent fixtures in any spot they select. Wherever lighting is needed, it is most likely that you will see a lighting or stage truss on stage. Moreover, sticks or portions of the truss can be connected together to create longer spans or shapes. It can support various fixtures, video, audio, or decorative equipment with ease.


What makes up a stage truss? The most commonly used materials for the stage truss are aluminum and steel. Aluminum is known for its durability and lightweight. It is easy to carry or transport from one location to another. It allows a quick and easy setup for concerts and special events.

But if you are going to use a stage truss for a long time, then it is highly recommended for you to choose the steel version. The steel type of stage truss can support a higher load. You may also consult experts about whether it is appropriate to use the steel stage truss based on the load rating.


There are many types of stage truss. Whenever you aim to use a stage truss for an upcoming event, consider examining which type of truss suits your stage. For instance, the triangle or triangular truss is the most common type. It gives you the added stability of a triple pole construct and provides you with numerous benefits from weight loading to long length resistance to deflection.

The strongest and largest of all the truss designs is the square type. This one is commonly used in theaters, concert venues, and other rental places. It is used for exhibition stands, fashion runway frameworks, as well as temporary structures for roofing systems and stage lighting rigs. Another type is the ladder truss, which is the cheapest and simplest type of truss design. It’s the most suitable choice if you are not taking into account the maximum clear spans and loading as factors. The ladder truss is used to give emphasis to exhibition floors and retail displays. It is also very flexible in allowing strong structures to stand in a limited space.  There are many types of truss designs, so it is suggested for you to check them out and see which fits your purpose best.

Classification According to Deployment

If a stage truss is supported overhead, then it is called the flown type. If the stage truss is standing on the ground or is part of a larger design that stands freely, then it is called the ground supported type.


A stage truss or lighting truss can be seen in concerts, stadiums, places of worship, exhibits or museums, theaters, theme parks, department stores, towers, bars, restaurants, trade shows, race finish lines, TV studios, and many other settings. This indicates the huge benefit people can get from different types of stage or lighting truss. The next time you see a stage truss, make sure to remember its shape, size, length, or other details so that you will have an idea on which type of truss you should choose whenever you want to purchase and install one. You can even take a picture of it.

Are you still curious about stage truss or truss designs? PSSL can help you identify the right kind of stage truss that will help you in your lighting needs, may it be for a concert or for your business. In addition, you can find lighting tools and accessories that are durable and affordable. We hope that you will be able to find the perfect stage truss for your brilliant lighting display. Enjoy your next concert with high quality lighting and safe trussing.

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