Importance of Using Windshield Washer Fluid

Here I am going to talk about the blue liquid that keeps your windshield clean all year round, the windshield washer fluid. Most of the non-professional drivers don’t give proper importance to this fluid but it is something that can save you from a deadly accident.

Let’s Discuss the Importance in Details

Increase Visibility during Rain

Visibility may drop below acceptable level if you don’t use a windshield fluid. If you only use water it will not clean the windshield completely during heavy rain. Moreover, you will notice that your visibility is going down slowly because of hazy windshield. But, if you use windshield washer fluid that will remove that hazy look. It will help you to get a clear visibility in rain and ensure safe driving.

Windshield Fluid and Winter

During winter, the water becomes frozen but windshield washer fluid have anti-freeze chemical. So, there is no chance of freezing. Moreover, during snowfall the fluid will help the wiper blades to clean the glass more efficiently. It is always recommended to use the fluid during the winter season. But, you may have to add extra anti-freeze with the fluid if the product you are using is not specified with that feature.

Protect Windshield

Regular use of a quality windshield washer fluid protects the windshield from scratches of wiper blades and gives you a forever new windshield. This fluid has a soapy form which gives smooth moving capability to the wiper blades and protects the glass from any scratches.

Saves Washer Pump

Windshield fluid keeps the washer pump free from rust. If you use only water, that may damage the pump and cost you money to change it. However, you can use washer fluid mixing with water and this is completely safe.

Increases Life Span of Wiper Blades

Washer fluid increases the lifespan of the wiper blades by ensuring the smooth over the windshield. The common rule of physics is the more friction, the more erosion. The fluid gives a smooth surface to the wiper blades and helps to get the best performance.

Saves Money

The most important is it saves money. Initially, you may see that you are spending money to buy the product but you will get the benefits later. It protects the windshield, washer pump, wiper blades and gives you clear visibility. So, after few years you will see that you are getting a longer life of your windshield. You can drive for years without polishing the glass.

How to Use Windshield Washer Fluid?

Using the fluid is really very simple. Under the hood of your car, you will find a blue cap with marking of washer fluid like the image below.

Windshield Washer

You just need to open the cap and put the fluid inside it until it becomes full. It’s really simple and you can do it at home.

However, in the market, you will find two different types of fluids.

  • Liquid
  • Tablet

The liquid form of the fluid is useable mixing with water. However, you can also buy the tablet form that you can put inside the reservoir after filling with water. The tablet will automatically mix with the water.


We sometimes try to save few bucks by limiting the use of recommended car products. But, it is not good for long run. You should never compromise with the quality and should follow the manufacturer’s advice for the long life of your vehicle.

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