Important Tips to Plan Your College Schedule

If you are joining college soon, then probably you will attend orientation at your chosen school. The crucial part of orientation is when students start to create their class schedule. This is the reason why it’s important to go to orientation before classes start. Those who lead orientation usually work students through an online scheduling tool and help them make good decisions.

The process can be intimidating for a college freshman. It can be very different from the high school scheduling procedure as it allows for more freedom over education. People have different options to choose from as different people prefer different times to study.

There are a lot of things to consider when coming up with a college schedule as there are assignments to work on, breaks to plan and many other schedules. It might not be that complicated, but it requires enough time. That’s why most students won’t ever create their college schedule. They find it to be an added work. However, having a college schedule means few crazy stressful study sessions, less time spent and better grades. Here are the tips that will help you plan your college schedule.

Plan the schedule in writing

When planning the schedule, write it down. It can be on a calendar. It can also be on a planner for students. Where you write it down doesn’t matter, what matters is that you write it down.

If you don’t have a paper, you can type out the plans on a digital calendar or planner such as Google Calendar.

Check the syllabus before planning the schedule

Without a syllabus, you can create a good college schedule. Check for assignment due dates and how big these assignments and projects are. To have an effective schedule, you will have to know how long the assignment and projects will take.

You will find the syllabus on the college’s website. You should check it before orientation. You will be familiarizing yourself with the functionality and also come up with ideas of what you might like.

Record all crucial events

Not only do you need to write down due dates, but also write it in a way that can be easily seen such as writing in red. If you are using mobile apps like Google Calendar, create a calendar color for due dates. It will ensure that you know what needs to be turned in and their dates.

Break the due dates into daily assignments

Writing down all due dates isn’t the end of college schedule planning. You should ensure that the due dates are broken down into daily tasks.

This is a way of becoming a highly productive student. When you fail to break tasks down, you might be caught off guard when it reaches due dates. Research papers are due on just a day, but it doesn’t change the fact that you will have to work on them for more than two weeks.

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Don’t avoid your general education requirements

These general education requirements are intended for a freshman, and it is a good way to get used to college classes as well as meet new friends. Also, schedule classes that you might be interested in.

Find balance

You should find the right combination of interest classes, general education courses and balance between subjects. You need to balance between creative and analytical courses.

Your time should also be balanced. Some people might prefer to get classes done in a big block while others prefer breaks in between. Consider other activities that you might have going on. If you volunteer, work or are involved on campus, it should be easy to transition between class and these activities. But if you work outside of campus, it can be helpful when you schedule all the classes in the morning and work in the afternoon. You will work on the homework in the evening.

Ask questions

It can be hard to do this especially when you are making a big decision for the first time alone. If you don’t know if you can make to attend another class just 10 minutes after another, then ask. Those helping you will give you an honest feedback.

You can also ask leaders if they have taken some classes and if they have any advice on the work required if they found them beneficial and the professors they preferred.

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