Increase Your Home Security With Crimsafe Products

No one likes to imagine what it would be like to have harm come to your home. Or worse, what it would be like to have harm come to your home while they are inside. With crime rates climbing at an alarming rate, it has never been more critical to step up to the responsibility of home security by embracing Crimsafe products. Crimsafe is a household name, earned over the decades by keeping Australian families safe. Find out how you can increase your home security with Crimsafe.

Crimsafe Security Screens

Crimsafe security screens are made out of Crimsafes famous security grills. The window grills are made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, and they are the most impenetrable you will find when it comes to most other security screens. Other brands will affix this security screens with glue or by simply wedging them into the frame. What’s worse is that the mesh they use is not even made from a metal sometimes. Your Crimsafe security screens will be screwed in place, ensuring it cannot be cut, kicked or pried loose. Another added bonus is that they look great, and won’t take away from your curbside appeal at all. They also don’t restrict airflow and keep out mosquitos.

Crimsafe Security Doors

Now that the windows are safe with Crimsafe security screens, it’s time to talk about Crimsafe security doors. One of the most popular styles has to be the Crimsafe Bi-fold security doors, allowing you 100% security and also freedom to open up an entire side of the home when you are entertaining. The Stainless Steel is made from the same Tensile Tuff Security mesh which is .9mm thick. If the side of your home is exposed to the elements, don’t worry. The mesh is coated with corrosion-resistant additives and can be cleaned very easily with a lifespan of 65 years.

Crimsafe Ultimate

So perhaps you’re exploring the Crimsafe products and thinking that you want an even higher level of security. Crimsafe Ultimate might just be the route to take. Crimsafe Ultimate boasts seven times the strength of impact level required by Australian standards, affording you the ultimate peace of mind. It is also 40% stronger than regular Crimsafe products. The Crimsafe Ultimate line features tamper-resistant screws which bond the screw clamp, mesh and frame together. This creates a tighter integration and increased security. Crimsafe Ultimate also features a clip cover which conceals the fasteners, protecting them from the elements and those trying to cause harm to your home.

Crimsafe Safe S-Cape Systems

Crimsafe Safe S-Cape Systems are an advanced home security exit measure. They may appear extreme to some, but this system has been keeping homes safe and providing peace of mind to thousands. It addresses the security matter of what to do it someone is already within your property to do harm, or any other cause in which you would need to evacuate your home instantly.  The Safe S-Capes make it easy to escape internally, while still being incredibly difficult to penetrate from the outside. Depending on your preference and where you intend to install the Safe S-Cape, it can be hinged at the top or sides and made to swing outward or inward. This allows you to apply this measure to range of spaces.

We all hope that not one of these measures are needed one day, and the safety of your home and family remains intact. But it’s that 1% chance that keeps us up at night, and gnaws on us. Don’t ever be left wondering ‘what if’, and install Crimsafe security measures in your home.

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