Increasing Pregnancy Chances Through Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

Several couples all over the world are struggling with infertility issues. Luckily, there are various ways one can increase the chances of getting pregnant using modern technology and treatment options.

One of the challenges that many couples have faced is the cost of the entire process until the child is born. However, there are less expensive approaches that can be given to make the process more friendly to the body and to the couples’ financial status. Most importantly, seeking technical and nontechnical information is also essential to the process.

In recent years, diet and healthy lifestyle changes have been proven to boost fertility rates. It may seem a less important approach but it might turn out to be very effective especially because it is less expensive. It may have the results that will bring back that lost smile between couples. In this article, we explore some of the ways in which you can incorporate diet and lifestyle changes to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Why not give it a try?

 Eating Foods High in Choline

Eating foods that are rich in choline help prevent congenital disabilities. These defects may be developmental, physical or even intellectual which mostly occur at birth. Eating eggs, shrimps, cauliflower, and pork will provide choline. Choline helps in preventing the production of an unhealthy egg. On the other hand, a healthy egg increases the chances of conceiving. Remember, the body has an intricate elimination mechanism of what it perceives as “wanted.” Foods high in Choline can make a big difference in the donor egg IVF.

Feed Heavily on the Breakfast Table

Eating a large breakfast may come in handy for women with infertility. Eating heavy breakfast may improve the hormonal effects of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Women with this hormonal disorder may have sporadic or lengthy menstrual periods or superfluous androgen levels which may lead to the irregular release of eggs.

For standard weight women with PCOS, taking their calories at breakfast rather than evening reduces insulin and testosterone levels by a certain percentage. Women who eat bigger breakfast tend to ovulate at a higher rate than women who eat smaller breakfast. However, when eating a bigger breakfast ensure to reduce the size of your dinner plate as eating both heavy breakfast and dinner may lead to obesity. Take more calories in the morning as opposed to evening.

Eating Fiber Rich Food.

Foods rich in fiber can aid your body in getting rid of extra hormones and helps balance sugar levels. fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans can provide your body with the much need boost in fighting excess estrogen . Although eating fiber is vital, eating it in excess may be risky as it may interfere with the ovulation process.

Being Physically Active

Exercising has numerous benefits for your health and lifestyle, as well as improved fertility. In fact, inactiveness has been associated with problematic disorders causing infertility. Taking a short walk from work or even using the stairs instead of the lavatory will make you active. However, whichever exercise you may choose doing it in moderation is important. Extreme high -intensity exercise has in fact been linked to decreased fertility in certain women. As you exercise take not of your stress level. Too much stress levels decrease the chances of getting pregnant. Go for jobs that will not have an effect on your stress levels. Too much exercise may alter the energy level stability in the body and harmfully affect the reproductive system.

Eating Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants neutralize the free radicals in your body, which can harm both sperm and egg. Folate and zinc are essential in improving the fertility rate for both female and male. Antioxidants can be taken as supplement or eating; nuts, fruits, vegetables, and grains contained vitamin C and E folate, beta-carotene and lutein. Eating 75 grams of walnuts have chances of increasing sperm quality. Whether taken as a supplement or eating foods rich in antioxidants will improve fertility levels especially among men with infertility

Choosing plant proteins

Going slow on some animal proteins such as meat, eggs, and fish and replacing them with plant proteins such as beans, nuts and seeds is connected to compacting the risk of infertility

Eating Healthy Fats

It is important to eat healthy fats every day as they boost fertility. Tran’s fats should be avoided at all cost as they have an advance effect on insulin levels prompting ovulatory infertility. Trans fats are mostly present in hydrogenated vegetable fat, margarine, fried foods baked or even processed products; bacon, sausages, ham just to mention but a few. Using extra virgin olive oil instead of Tran’s fats will improve the fertility rats. Healthy fats, such as nuts, yogurt, and avocados are essential to a woman due to their great amounts of Omega -3 fatty acids that can aid support her reproductive system during infertility treatments and pregnancy


Decent nutrition is important for a healthy reproductive system. Making constructive lifestyle changes can help increase fertility and prepare your body for pregnancy. Simply choose whatever style that makes you feel comfortable throughout the donor egg IVF process. Understanding your body is the key. No matter the outcome and how draining the process may seem never give up.

Modern technologies are changing several ways in which we view life. Since it has now become possible for couples to conceive even after if the natural way fails, it is paramount that more information becomes available to enable easier access to such services.

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