Internet Safety Tips For Mac Users

Upon buying a new computer your first task is setting all the things up. From software to applications, you need to have everything well configured. However, if you are amongst those who wish to keep their data protected always, this job can get a little difficult. If you are a Mac user and need some help in staying safe, there are some Internet safety tips you can practice.

Antivirus software

If you are worried that your Mac may be hacked, installing the Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is a safe bet. With its high level of security the software ensures that not even one phishing attempt is processed through.  In case there is any attempt to breach your PC, it is promptly thwarted with ease and you can relax. The software is secure and uses techniques that should keep your computer protected.

Disabling automatic login

When you set up your Mac at first an account is created for you on its own. Next time you enter the computer this automatic login would allow you to simply pass through. However, this can be an invitation for the hackers who are waiting to access your Mac too. Instead, you can change your settings and tell the OS to set up a login screen whenever you open the computer. This would stop any unwanted person from gaining entry to your Mac and your data remains safe.

Uninstall Flash Player

Many users have complained that their Flash Player is a highly vulnerable software and that having it in your Mac is an invitation to hackers. If you do not need the flash player then you must promptly remove it. By keeping it on your Mac for no reason, you are making your computer more prone to being attacked.

Using a password manager

It is believed that if you keep difficult passwords it would be tough for the hackers to get an entry. Unfortunately, most of us keep passwords that are dependent on our personal numbers and names. This makes it easy for hackers to detect them and intrude in your privacy. To avoid the situation it is advisable to keep passwords which are a mix of numbers, alphabets, and special characters. However, if you have a number of accounts to maintain then remembering that can be tough and you can use a password manager to do that.


Normally computers have a one-way firewall which would stop any phishing attacks from happening however the efficacy of the same may not be much. Try and place a two-way firewall which is supposedly much more effective in stopping any hacking attempts. That way, if by mistake you have downloaded software that is filled with malware, you would be informed that you can remove that stuff without any worries. Bitdefender antivirus software also gives you the same firewall freeware benefit and you can adopt the same too.

Check for software updates

Even if you are not worried about a malware attack it is necessary that you keep updating your Mac as and when an update comes. Normally these updates have changes that make your computer secure and by just implementing them you can keep yourself safe. As soon as the message for the update comes, you should think about installing it as this decision would be in your best interest.


Having a Mac computer, you may always be worried about its security. It is obvious also since the number of virus attacks these days has visibly increased. To avoid facing any such problems, adopt any of the tips mentioned above. If you want absolute peace of mind, then it is better you go for solid antivirus software.

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