Interstate Insights: Preparing For a Cross-Country Move

Moving house can be a nightmare, especially if you are moving interstate with children. There is an unsettled feeling amongst your household for months surrounding the move on both sides and the tension can really stretch relationships. There is the hassle of moving your stuff, and all of the logistics that come with that, but more straining is the emotional and psychological move you and your family have to make.

It can be an extremely stressful period for children of any age and difficult to adjust to. However, it can also be exciting and that is what you should focus on. Here are some useful ways to ease the pain of the big move and try to allow yourself to focus on the excitement of adventure.

Be Ruthless

Moving interstate can be expensive. It’s important that you hire some quality interstate removalists who will take a whole lot of the stress and headache of a move off your hands, but the less stuff you take the better. So be ruthless. Anything that you don’t regularly use or that doesn’t have real sentimental value should be done away with. Sell it on gumtree, or donate it to a charity, rather than just throwing it away, but don’t take it with you. Spend the time sorting through everything and ensuring that you are only taking what you really need and want.

Communication is Key

Everyone needs to be up to date and included in all conversations about moving. If you have children, especially teenagers, it is extremely important to involve them in the decision making process and allow them to feel like that have some level of power in the move – rather than feeling like they are being uprooted and forced to leave everything they know and care about. It can also be helpful to let your friends and neighbours know that you will be moving house, because you will be surprised at how willing people are to help. And any help goes a long way in a big upheaval.

Use Experienced Removalists

On the note of hiring quality removalists, it’s worth elaborating on the need to choose a removalist company that know what they are doing. If you want everything to arrive in one piece and on time, then it’s worth spending the money on experienced removalists who know what they are doing. The last thing you want is for everything to arrive early before you get there, or late – days after you have arrived. Don’t put more stress on yourself for the sake of saving a little money.

Pack Right

Packing is an art form unto itself. Good packing will make your life a whole lot easier. A whole article could be written on proper packing procedures, but basically it’s best to label and pack boxes by the room. This way, when you arrive at your new abode then you can move the boxes into each room and unpack from there, rather than trying to dump everything in the lounge room and moving it from there.

It’s also a very good idea to keep a box for each family member to pack last. That way, once you arrive, you have some essential room items ready for your new house. If there’s anything you really need or want, pack a suitcase and keep it in your car/ take it on the plane.

Starting a new life in a new state can be an exciting adventure, so do everything you can to keep your focus on that and take the stress and worry out of moving. Also be sure to look into transferring registrations and everything else that goes with interstate moves once you arrive. It’s a big move, but can be just the shift in life you are looking for.

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