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A gigantic ridesharing company, Lyft provides a user-friendly mobile app that connects the passengers who need a ride with the drivers who owns a car. The company operated in two cities San Francisco and Los Angeles. At present, it operates in sixty cities, has secured millions in funding and has hired thousands of people in order to fulfill its growth plans in the United States and abroad. Lyft app is compatible with the both iPhone and Android, and it is a safer one.

If a person requests a ride at the tap of a button and a friendly driver will be arrived in few minutes. The Lyft drivers are checked and interviewed to give the best ride experience in the city.  This huge ride-sharing community is innovating in such a way approaching towards a future where the car ownership is an optional one. It offers an alternative to commuting or using a public transportation by giving people who need a ride and also request a pickup. In order to grow to its community, the company needed a way to find more drivers.

The Lyft platform

This platform provides a marketplace where the people who seek transportation to certain destinations can be matched with the people driving through those destinations. The Customers used to create an account that enables access to the Lyft platform. Any decision by a user to offer or accept the services is a decision made in such User’s sole attention.

Different types of Fares

As a rider, one can agree to pay the amounts charged for the use of Lyft Platform and services. The charges include fares and other applicable fees, tolls, surcharges etc, in addition, any tips to the Driver that one elect to pay. The Lyft has the authority and reserves the right to determine and modify pricing by posting the pricing terms to the market Lyft’s page. Pricing may vary based on the type of the service that one request as described on the market’s Lyft page. The folks are responsible for reviewing the applicable Lyft page and shall be responsible for all charges obliged under the User account regardless of the awareness of such charges or the amounts thereof. There are two types of fares, variable and quoted.

The variable fares consist of a base charge and incremental charges based on the duration and distance of the ride. For a minimum distance, the amount will be less.  The GPS system is used from the Driver’s phone to calculate the distance traveled on the ride. The availability or accuracy of GPS data is not guaranteed. If the signal is lost, then by suing time and distance the fare amount is calculated.

In some cases, Lyft may quote a fare amount at the time of the request. The quote is subject to change until the ride request is confirmed. If during the ride, one changes the destination, make multiple stops, then the company may cancel the fare quote and charge the variable pay based on the time and distance of the ride.

And also it does not guarantee that the quoted fare price will be equal to a variable fare for the same ride. The fares may be subject to a multiplier at times of high demand of the services as determined by the Lyft. For all the rides with a variable fare, the company uses reasonable efforts to inform any prime time multipliers in effect at the time of the request. Any Prime Time charges shall be considered part of the fare.

What are the other charges?

Service Fee

Lyft, the gigantic app provides many free services in order to to support the Lyft platform. The amount of service fee may vary but shall be maintained by Lyft in its entirety.

Cancellation Fee

After requesting a ride one may cancel it through the app, but in some of the cases, a cancellation fee may also apply. One may also be charged if one fails to show up after requesting a ride. The collected cancellation fees will be passed in their entirety to the driver who had accepted the ride.

Damage Fee

If a driver reports that the customer has materially damaged the Driver’s vehicle, one may agree to pay a damage fee of up to two hundred and fifty dollars depending on the extent of the damage, towards the vehicle repair or cleaning. The company reserves the right to verify or otherwise require documentation of damage prior to processing the damage fee. Collected damage fees will be passed in their entity to deliver whose car was damaged.


In some instances may apply to the ride. The company does not guarantee that the amount charged by Lyft will match the too charged to the driver, if any scenario. The amount of collected tools including the return tolls will be passed in their entirety to the driver who provided the ride.

Other charges

Another fee may apply to the ride including actual airport fees, state or regional fees, event fees as determined by Lyft. In addition, where required by the law Lyft will collect the applicable taxes. These other charges are not shared with the driver unless expressly stated otherwise.


A driver will receive payment for the provision of services. All the fare payments are subjected to a Lyft commission. They will also receive tips provided by the riders and the tips will not be subjected to any Lyft Commission. The company will process all the payments through the third party payments processor. One expressively authorizes Lyft to set the prices on behalf of the charges that apply to the provision of services. The company reserves the right to change the fare schedule at any time indiscretion based on the several factors. The charges may be subject to maximum limits as set forth in the market’s Lyft page. The folks may receive credits or ride discounts that they can apply toward payment of certain charges upon completion of a ride. The Lyft credits and the ride discounts cannot be combined.

Lyft Communications

By becoming a user, a person agrees to receive communications from the company including through e-mail, text, messages, calls and push notifications. Usually, the texts, calls or the prerecorded messages may be generated by the automatic telephone dialing systems.  The communications from Lyft, its affiliated companies or drivers, may include but are not limited to the operational communications concerning the user account. The standard text messaging charges applied by the cell phone carrier will apply to the text messages.

Lyft expands to Iowa City

Recently Lyft continued its expansion into hundred cities by launching in fifty-four more locations. The on-demand ride-hailing service is now available in more places like Iowa City, Topeka, Kansas etc. This makes Lyft a huge success and thus bringing the service’s total number of cities to nearly three hundred. The company is looking forward to continuing the rapid momentum, and hence bringing Lyft’s safe, economical rides to even more cities. This unexpected expansion is obviously to keep up with the growth of Uber. The most important fact is that Lyft operates in most of the U.S states.

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